Capgemini  Placement Paper   Candidates Experiences   Priyadarshini College Of Engg.,Nagpur-29 Jul 2008

Capgemini  Placement Paper   Candidates Experiences   Priyadarshini College Of Engg.,Nagpur-29 Jul 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Hi friends!!!

     I m Sanjeet Sinha,a final year student of PCEA,Nagpur.I'm here to share my experience of the selection procedure conducted by CAPGEMINI on 29th   

     We had to face 3 rounds-
     (a)Aptitude Test
     (b) Group Discussion
     (c) Personal interview(Tech+HR)

     There was 50 questions in the aptitude test,25 questions on quantitative & other 25 questions were logical analysis.The questions were easy but a little time 
     consuming.Mainly the questions were from-time and dist,profit and loss,speed and distance,and the logical part was of general common sense we can practice it from R.S.Agarwal.As i told u that the papers were easy but time consuming hence Time management was the key part for solving the paper.and allso look for the previous year questions.

    They declared a cut off of 10 marks from each sec,so it was 20 in total.
    About 400 students appeared for the apptitute,out of which 129 cleared the apptitute test including me.

    The next round was GD.A group of 10 studnts were made.It was a wonderful experience to all of us.we got the topic "should youth enter into the politics".
    It was a good topic to discuss and it happened the same.we had a good discussion of the topic and almost each of the member contributed more or less at their best.And out of 9 students from our group,5 including me were selected.

    In total they selected 63 candidate for final round i,e the personal interview.The PI included both tecnical as well as HR.In tech they asked que from the branch u belonged and some basic knowlege of c language.
    After a long time I was called for the PI.It was almost 9 of the evening, i entered the cabin.I know what's the amount of pressure a candidate have on him, whenever he appears for an interview,& how was the feelings of being rejected one after another times.
    It was nice to giving an interview in a friendly atmosphere they created.

     I was asked to tell about myself, the respected madam who was taking my interview asked me from the points I mentioned to tell about myself.They asked me about the apptitute test and which part i felt easy?.I replied that both part were good but i cud attempt more que from quanti.Next i was asked to tell my weakness and stengths.Next i was asked that although u  r from mech engg. then why do want to join it sector,i replied that due to my less marks in entrance test i cudn't get diff branch thogh i had a lot of interest in computers from the very beginning...
    Next i was asked if i had any query..i replied that if i m selected wat more courses shud i had to study before joining the company?
    Next they asked me about my place of preferences?...i peplied that place dosen't matter for me,the quality which i provide to the company that matters much for me..

    I want to share something with you, it was the 8th interview, I was appeared for. Previously I've rejected 7 times, but still I didn't give up. I want to say you people must have confidence upon yourself, that's the thing with which you can win, never become hopeless.So please try to be confident, always try to answer promptly, don't go for any false representation, as it reflects on your expression,& have faith on yourself---that's the key to crack.

    Don't get me wrong, you may have feel that I'm giving too many advises that are useless, but I'm telling you, whatever I've  said here, all are my own experiences. I personally believe that "failure is tha pillar of success",& YES, I'VE PROVED IT BY MYSELF, I'VE CRACKED  CAPGEMINI,the renowned IT company in the industry.
     The final result listed 41 candidates who are finally selected,& I feel very proud to be 1 of those 41.
    Nothing to say more, BEST OF LUCK--to all of u.and please never forgive because"NO DEFEAT IS FINAL......UNTILL U STOP TRYING".
    I'll be obliged enough if my experience would help someone to get a job.see u at CAPGEMINI.....

    Sanjeet Sinha



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