Capgemini  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   JNTU Anantapur-20 Dec 2010

Capgemini  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   JNTU Anantapur-20 Dec 2010

  • Posted by  FreshersWorld 
    7 Jan, 2012

    Hi, Friends this is my first contribution to I want to share my experiences. As I have referred the site for the previous papers, it constituted of only two sections. But the paper we attempted is of three sections.

    Section 1: Analytical section 20 questions, 20 mins.

    Section 2: Verbal section 20 questions, 20 mins.

    Section 3: Quant?s section 15 questions, 15 mins.

    The analytical paper was a bit lengthy but easy if managed properly. Verbal section consists of one paragraph and remaining fill in the appropriate words, sentence correction etc.

    Quant?s section is very easy one can easily manage to get 15 out of 15, it consists of basic percentage, mensuration, speed and distance, set theory.

    Out of attempted 180 members 61 students qualified for group discussions. There were six students a group and was divided into ten groups. A few topics were ?education system in India?, ? Is the great population of India is asset or not?. And from sixty one only twenty one students were shortlisted for interview, iam one of them.

    My interview lasted for an about twenty mins, the panel interviewer asked about my self, then about mini project, and B.Tech project and few questions on SQL server.

    And finally the interviewer asked me any questions and I asked two questions and in the end he gave a shake hand and finally I?m done with my interview.

    And the results were declared an hour later and I?m lucky enough to be one of them. Out of 21 students 18 were selected.

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