Capgemini  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   ITER, Bhubaneswar-23 Feb 2011

Capgemini  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   ITER, Bhubaneswar-23 Feb 2011

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Hi friends,

    It is a privilege for me to write about my experience at Capgemini campus interview. At the outset I want to mention the details of the eligibility criteria:

    • Consistent 60 % academic background from 10th onwards
    • No standing arrears
    • Should pass B.E./ B.Tech in (AE & Instrumental, ECE, CSE, EEE, IT, Mechanical and Civil etc) and MCA
    • Passing year should be 2009 and 2010

    Total 20 no. of colleges of Orissa have taken participation. The testing authorization was given to Merittrac, Kolkata. First they have checked our ID cards of college and permit us to give the written exam. The duration of test was 60 minutes. The no. of sections are:
    1. Verbal Ability of 20 questions (1 passage of 5 multiple questions, fill in the blanks with adequate tense/preposition/phrasal verb/article etc)
    2. Quantitative ability of 20 questions (2 visual reasoning, easy questions from time,speed, distance/ SI/Compound interest/Alegation)
    3. Reasoning of 15 questions containg assertion and reason type, 5 questions of logical reasoning and some moderate questions

    My dear friends, it is not plausible for you to attend all 55 questions in 1 hour duration as the questions were tricky and not so easy. But we have managed to attend utmost questions we could attend. One positive thing was there was no negative marking.

    After 3-4 hours, Capgemini people have given their presentation regarding their company's financial result, exposure in global market and products, service and after 1 hour the result came and 243 out of 700 students have cleared the exam. Then suddenly group discussion was started.

    The group was made up of 16 members. Surprisingly VP of Capgemini Esteemed Sir Mr. Hota sir have conducted our GD. The topic was : "Few parties should take participation in National level election, local parties should take part of local governance." I have given 4-5 points. My friends in GD they see five things: Confidence, Communication, Clarity, Attitude and listening. As it was just like a fish market not worthing of team work, I felt that it would be good to be silent and listen to others after giving 3-4 points of the discussion. Finally we 2-3 people summarized the discussion and surprisingly 14 out of 15 group members were selected for the next round.

    Total 186 out of 243 were selected for PI round. The personal interview started in time. My interview was just like:

    Me: May I come in Sir
    HR: Yes
    Me: Good afternoon sir
    HR: Good afternoon..take your seat
    Me: Thanks
    HR: Tell me about yourself
    Me: told about.....all
    HR: Why u have gaps after 12th?
    Me: preparing for IIT
    HR: Tell me about your project?
    Me: told about all
    HR: what are the front end and back end and connectivity?
    Me: told
    HR: What database u have used?
    Me: sql server
    HR: what type of database is that?
    Me: Relational
    HR: what is RDBMS?
    Me: told
    HR: what are the other types of databses?
    Me: told
    HR: how many no of tables are there in your project?
    Me: told
    HR: how you have connected all?
    Me: through referential integrity
    HR: What is that?
    Me: told
    HR: (impressed) how many no of keys are there?
    Me: told confidently
    HR: what is RAID
    Me: told
    HR: are u comfortable to relocate anywhere?
    Me: yes sir i can
    HR: why u have left your job?
    Me: told
    HR: you are SCJP certified?
    Me: yes sir
    HR: okay... thank you
    Me: thank you sir

    Next day final result came. Total 83 students have cleared the PI. I was the one of the luckiest guy among them....Welcome to Capgemini...Bon voyage

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