Capgemini  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   IPS,Indore-26 Jul 2010

Capgemini  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   IPS,Indore-26 Jul 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012

    I attended the pool campus by CAPGEMINI at IPS,Indore.
    i'm here to share my experience with u.
    the date for the campus was 26&27 july 2010. 
    1)Written test(50q-25quant,25 lr)
    3)Tech cum HR interview

    written was not tough there were 2 sets most of the questions were from previous years papers.
    10q cutoff was there for each section and marking scheme of +1 for correct ans and -.25 for wrong ans.
    I marked 20 in aptitude n 21 in lr section.

    Written was conducted in 2 batches
    from 1st batch 88 cleared out of 200 n from 2nd batch 151 cleared,i don,t remember the no appeared in 2nd batch
    but as HR of capgrmini said there were 850 appeared for the written in all.

    gd was the major elimination round there were 25 from 88 and 26 from 151 cleared for the next round.
    (don't bother HR said it was one of the worst gd he has seen,be confident put your points let other's also speak,was not a major elimination round elsewhere)

    interviews were conducted in bhopal on 3rd aug 2010.
    not so difficult
    they just asked me tell me abt urself?
    and some q's from cv
    prepare ur major project very well,i being an ec student was asked only about project n rest was simple hr.
    don't loose confidence ans intrvw lasted for about 40 min.
    for cs/it students same things were asked........
    also to some students only hr was taken for 10 min.(n they were also selected)
    later they asked simple q on apti to some people n some were asked to write simple code' in c.(no need to worry they were simple,only one thing to remember don't loose ur confidence even if u don't know the ans and say sorry to interviewer)

    finally they selected 32 out of 47 appeared in interview.they said they generally take 50% people from gd count but it was good batch n so they increased the no

    it was good for all.

    i was selected.
    wish u bst lck.
    see u at CAPGEMINI.

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