Capgemini  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   BIT,Kolkata-24 Apr 2007

Capgemini  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   BIT,Kolkata-24 Apr 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi friends!!!!
    I'm Aniruddha Ghosh,a 3rd year engineering student of Bengal Institute of Technology,Kolkata. I'm here to share my xperience of the capussing procedure conducted by CAPGEMINI on 24th April,2007.

    We had to face 4 rounds-
    a) Aptitude Test
    b) Group Discussion
    c) Technical Interview 
    d) HR interview

    There was 50 questions in the aptitude test,25 questions on quantitative & other 25 questions were logical analysis. There was no such questions either on verbal or technical ability. The questions were standard, not very easy, but not at all tough, a little bit time-taking.
    Mainly the quanti questions were on basic--profit & loss, interest, fractions, speed...etc.The logical questions were on common sense, very ordinary logical questions followed by any book like R.S.Agarwal.
    The time management is the main key to solve the paper as per my point of view.

    Total 116 candidates appeared for aptitude test, only 45 cleared the aptitude test including me.

    The next round was GD. It was a wonderful experience to all of us. We have given "Lage raho Munnabhai---what's the social impact of that well admired movie". It was a very good topic to discuss, nearly all of us contribute more or less as their level best. I initiated the GD,& my friends also spoke well.9 people out of 11,were selected from our group.

    In total they selected 36 candidates for technical interview. The moderator of our group was very friendly & he gave us enough time to discuss. Before starting the GD he said that--"nothing to worrie about, it's just a formal discussion", which was a big relief to all of us.

    In technical Interview they asked very basic questions from our semester subjects. Specially C, DS, DBMS, Networking, OS, OOP & Microprocessor. CS & IT people please make urself comfortable with your departmental subjects, if possible Please go through Microprocessor also. They ask from here also. As I'm a student of IT department, I'm giving u the brief of my interview, but I've heard from my friends of ECE department, they were asked from their departmental subjects also.

    I was asked to tell the respected interviewer the names of my past 2 semester's subjects. He listened those carefully,& asked questions from those subjects, I've mentioned earlier. Some questions was like---basic features of OOP-discuss, normalization, OS handling, basic questions on OS, OSI layer-little discussion, link lists, sorting,& last but not the least I was asked to write the algo of Quicksort,& some other questions also their, that I can't remember now. But over all there was no such contradictory questions, they never counter  with your answer.

    There were only 18 candidates including me cleared the technical round.

    After some time I was called for HR interview. It was nice to giving an interview in a friendly atmosphere they created. I was asked to tell about myself, the respected madam who was taking my interview asked me from the points I mentioned to tell about myself. She asked me ---"what do u mean by optimism?","how can you prove that you are optimistic?","what do u know about software industry?", strengths, weaknesses. Finally asked me to question her about my confusions if any.

    I want to share something with you, it was the 6th interview, I was appeared for. Previously I've rejected 5 times, but still I didn't give up. I want to say you people must have confidence upon yourself, that's the thing with which you can win, never become hopeless.
    I know what's the amount of pressure a candidate have on him, whenever he appears for an interview,& how was the feelings of being rejected one after another times.

    So please try to be confident, always try to answer promptly, don't go for any false representation, as it reflects on your expression,& have faith on yourself---that's the key to crack.

    Don't get me wrong, you may have feel that I'm giving too many advises that are useless, but I'm telling you, whatever I've  said here, all are my own experiences. I personally believe that "failure is tha pillar of success",& YES, I'VE PROVED IT BY MYSELF, I'VE CRACKED  CAPGEMINI,the renowned IT company in the industry.
    The final result listed only 9 candidates who are finally selected,& I feel very proud to be 1 of those 9.
    Nothing to say more, BEST OF LUCK--to all of u. & VERY SORRY, if I made someone feel "boring", "time waste", "useless speech"....etc
    If possible please forgive me. I'll be obliged enough if my experience would help someone to get a job.

    Wishing  you all

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