BOC  Placement Paper   General - Other   NIT,Durgapur-5 Aug 2008

BOC  Placement Paper   General - Other   NIT,Durgapur-5 Aug 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi, I am Arindam ,electrical engg. from NIT Durgapur.BOC came to our campus for on- campus recruitment on 5th August 2008.The selection procedure comprised of :-

    1)WRITTEN TEST--> Fully technical mcq type. No aptitude test. Different set of questions for four branches:electrical,mechanical,civil,chemical.The paper comprised of 35-40 questions (37 in case of electrical)in 20 minutes. The standard of questions was medium. Some were a bit tricky. The cutoff for electrical was around 15 correct answers.

    2)GD--> Out of 22 people frm electrical 9 cleared the written test. In total 46 people from all 4 branches got selected for gd. Groups of 9/10 were formed at random and given a topic for 10 mins. 2 mins preparation time is allowed.Topics were of general type,nothing from current affairs. Mine was "urge to excel-necessary in professional or student life or both".

    GD was easy 2 clear. 30 students(approx) cleared it.

    3)TECH+HR INTERVIEW--> Interview was around 20-25 mins. In HR part the interviewer asked about myself; my parents;aim in life; wat kinda job i was looking for; whether i was comfortable with transferable job etc...
    In tech part there wre questions like....>
    1)conductor arrangement on overhead transmission towers
    2)conductor cross section
    3)transformer phasor diagram
    4)"acsr" conductor
    5)advantages of hv transmission; problems for ac transmission in undergrnd 
    6)transformer losses
    7)starting of motors

    After this 11 people from 4 branches were short listed for a final interview at BOC head office,Kolkata. That was a  gruelling session. Each candidate was thoroughly cross questioned about his personal as well technical knowledge part. Chemical and mechanical students (about 50 mins each) were more tested than electrical guys as the interviewer was himself a chemical engineer. I was lucky enough to survive there.

    At the end of the day, 6 out of the shortlisted 11 were selected and i was 1 of them.Thank u ppl...,,All the best....

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