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    7 Jan, 2012

    BMC Software, Inc. (NASDAQ: BMC) is a multinational corporation specializing in Business Service Management (BSM) software, with record annual revenue in fiscal 2009 of $1.87 billion. BMC is one of the largest software companies in the world and has grown total revenue each fiscal year since 2002.

    Headquartered in Houston, Texas, BMC develops, markets and sells software used for multiple functions, including IT service management, data center automation, performance management, virtualization lifecycle management and cloud computing management. The name "BMC" is taken from the surname of its three founders?Scott Boulett, John Moores, and Dan Cloer.

    Employing nearly 6,000, BMC is often credited with pioneering the BSM concept as a way to help better align IT operations with business needs. BMC is a multinational firm operating in North America, Australia, Europe, and Asia and has multiple offices located around the world. The company's international headquarters is located at 2101 CityWest Boulevard, Houston, Texas, United States. In June 2006, Thomas Properties Group Inc., through its joint venture with the California State Teachers' Retirement System, agreed to buy BMC Software Inc.'s Houston campus for $295 million.

     BMC Software began as a mainframe software vendor, but since the middle 1990s has been developing software to monitor, manage and automate distributed and mainframe systems. BMC is divided into two main business units: 

    1.A Mainframe Management segment  focusing on reliability of "business critical data" and includes the BSM subgroup, ?Service Optimization.?

    2.  An Enterprise Service Management segment which focuses on servers and networks, and includes the BSM subgroups, "Service Support," "Service

    Automation," and "Service Resource Planning.?

     In November 2009, BMC announced Service Desk Express will be sold, marketed and available via "By delivering service desk technology via the cloud, you can abstract all the complexity of the infrastructure that rely on IT services delivery and follow best practices," said BMC chairman and CEO, Bob Beauchamp.


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