Birlasoft  Placement Paper   General - Other   CITM, Faridabad-28 Feb 2007

Birlasoft  Placement Paper   General - Other   CITM, Faridabad-28 Feb 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    hi frenz!!
    i got recruited for birla soft on 28th february, ws a two day jont campus drive....

    first day we had an aptitude test and a group disussion..

    the Aptitude test
    the apti consisted of 50 questions.. first 20-25 (exactly i don remember)were technical..first three questions were on conversion 4m hexadecimal to octal,binary and...there were ques on dbms as wht is denormalization..,ques on java.c, don wry guys...they were simple..

    then nxt ws quant..ques on alligation,speed and distance.profit and loss,1q on probability..time and wrk..

    next were ques on English...they were pretty simple..choose the wrong sentence,synonyms,and associate the meanings wd d phrases given..

    the paper didn take mch was easily completed in an hour..and for the non it/cse students don wry bt the technical part..u tooo......can get thru ds.i too am an ece student.......

    the results for aptitude were announced wdin two we didn hav to wait mch..... and ha.cutoff for the paper ws arnd 40..

    next ws the group discussion round...the topics for the gd were
    future of it industry in india
    should ganguly be the captain of indian cricket team
    shilpa shetty vs jade goody at big brother
    love marriagesvs arranged marriages
    and there were some abstract topics as wel......

    the next day we had a ppt fst and then technical cum hr interview.. they started with simple hr ques...i ws asked to describe my cv..i did.they asked me q on my cv...then being an ece student they asked me abt the communication system...hw does comm happen..i xlnd transmitter,receive nd bla bla..

    what are analog and digital signals
    advantages of digital  over analog........he asked me to xpln in laymans language..
    exmples of where are we using these signals..
    itold analog at homes and digital in comp
    wht type of signals are used in mobiles..
    though i guessed it rt as digital bt he told earlier we were using analog bt nw digital..
    some ques on optical fibres,their advantages..
    he told me he was satisfied wd my knowledge bt electronics..
    and then sm q on c...wt r data structures,wht is block.wht is page statement,explain float......
    then i ws asked if i m comfortable wd c.....i told i am.......
    then sm hr ques..
    hw do u define success,hw many frenz u have,and ur u read budget nws as budget ws out dose daz...and few mr simple hr ques..

    we had to 4 the result for about 3-4 hrs........ and finally i ws selected... out of 1600 students who appeared for the aptitude test 24 were selected.......and i ws one of those....

    so of luck to ya all..........hope to see u at birla soft.......

    Mansi Gupta

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