Birlasoft  Placement Paper   Candidates Experiences   MAIT, Delhi-18 Mar 2010

Birlasoft  Placement Paper   Candidates Experiences   MAIT, Delhi-18 Mar 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Hi all!!!!!

    There was a placement drive of Birlasoft in MAIT, New Delhi. Five colleges were invited HMR, USIT, IGIT, Technia and MAIT. Eligibility criteria was 65% and three backs were allowed. There were four rounds written, gd, tech interview and HR.
     We were told to report at 8:30 am. PPT started at about 10:30 am. Then at abt 12'o clock test started. There were three sets. Written was of 1 hr. duration consisted of 50 q?s. 25 technical . 10 q? s of java and 15 of c and c++. 25 q?s from apti consisting of 20 quant and 5 english. Books to be reffered are RS Aggarwal(quant), Let us c, any c++ and java book.

    Then at about 4:30 pm result was announced. Around 360 appeared in written and about 140 were selected for gd. Gd was happening in a group of 12. The topics were dating, reality shows etc. At about 7?o clock results of gd were announced and we were called to the Birlasoft office in Noida the very nxt day. Around 80 cleared the gd.

    Interviews started at abt 11 AM. Some were called for tech while some for HR. I was called for tech at abt  4 pm. The interviewer was a nice person. He made me feel comfortable. He offered me a nice handshake.

    Sir ? Tell me abt yourself? (a perfect starter in every interview)

    Me- Explained my academic background. Then paused.

    Sir- What projects have u done?

    Me- Explained.

    Sir- Are u comfortable in c and c++?

    Me ? Yes sir.

    Sir- Difference b/w the main() func of c and c++?

    Me ? Explained.

    Sir- pointers?

    Me ? explained.

    Sir- structures?

    Me ? explained.

    Sir- Encapsulation?

    Me ? explained.

    Sir- something frm dbms?

    Me- explained.

    Sir- Write a program to find even and odd numbers?

    Me- wrote through c.

    Sir- Asked syntax involved in the prog and the meanings of different statements like printf, scanf #include etc.

    Me- Explained

    Sir- some puzzles and 5 uses of pen.

    Me- explained.

    Then he tried to deviate me by comparing me with my batchmate who gave interview just before me. I was amused. He said that he will take one of us. This conversation took a long time. At the end he was very happy with my replies. He asked if I want to ask something?

    I asked a q and he explained very patiently. My tech was of about 50 min.

    Then after 1 hour I was called for HR. There was a lady HR.

    HR- Tell me abt yourself? (a perfect starter in every interview)

    Me- Explained my academic background, projects, objective.

    HR- Why birlasoft?

    Me- Explained.

    Hr- Do u want to know something?

    Me- asked

    Hr- explained patiently.

    This interview was about 20 min. Some of my friend?s HR was of 30-35 min.

      Then at about 7 pm result was announced and  I was selected. We were given offer letters. I was very happy and thanked god and my parents and friends.

    Always believe in urself and god and have confidence.

    See u at Birlasoft???.


    HMRITM, Delhi

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