BHEL  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   mumbai-29 Nov 2009

BHEL  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   mumbai-29 Nov 2009

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Hi All, these are some of the questions from BHEL exam 2009 held on 29th nov? 09.

    1.       To construct a half adder, the combination of basic gates ( 2 NAND And 1 OR, 2 NOR and 1 AND?)

    2.       In the integrating  A/D convertor, the maximum value of the count is ?( inversely proportional to voltage,  directly proportional to voltage.. , 2n -1, 2n) 

    3.       Percentage of carbon and chromium in Stainless steel.

    4.       Which process is used in making coins.

    5.       Time Difference b/w  IST and Greenwich Mean Time in INDIA.

    6.       Bronze is an alloy of ..

    7.       Which chip is to be used if we want to add an A/D convertor with Microprocessor. (8051, 8055,8053.. )

    8.       Where is a particle accelerator used.( Options :In aircraft, In starting an engine, In machines?)

    9.       Maxwell bridge is used for  finding ( inductance of coils for 0<q<10 .. and this inductance value is found in terms of capacitance and resistance)

    10.   Polar plot of s/s2 +1.. is ( circular, elliptical , Polar plot is not circular)

    11.   What is the iron called which is obtained from smelting process.

    12.   Why are ceramics so brittle.

    13.   One question on finding thevinin?s resistance.

    14.   One amplifier has bandwidth of 100khz, what would be the bandwidth of an amplifier when 3 similar one are cascaded.

    15.   Radiation resistance and antenna resistance given, to find efficiency.

    16.   Find the settling  time for a given 2nd order response ( Given characteristic eqn)

    17.   Unit of electric field in MKS system.

    18.   Given MUF and critical frequency to find angle of incidence. (MUF=  fc sec angle)

    19.   Two questions on butterworth filter and cheronylb filter.

    20.   Ideal op-amp characteristics Zin=infinity and Zout  =0

    21.   Voltage source with voltage output  has : input impedance = infinity and output impedance =0

    22.   The system with zero entropy . (adiabatic)

    23.   741IC is ?????

    24.   Which is the most dangerous pollutant gas in green house gases(Carbon monoxide)

    25.   Relation b/w work and power (Basically the definition part)

    26.   What is tensile strength .( option: The ability to handle bending and compression)

    27.   Which metal is used in making water pipes( some options given)

    28.   1 question related to definition of centripetal and centrifugal force.

    29.   Bit rate of a given PCM signal with 4 symbols and maximum frequency 20 hz.

    30.   Which is the metal having least hardness factor ( options: titanium, gold , mercury)





    1 passage.

    ANALOGY , SENTENCE Correction, Find the correct spelling.

    Geometry problems,

    Age related questions.

    Blood relations.

    Around 25 questions were reasoning  like there were two statements given and comparing them if which  has the greater  value .

    For ex:- x is an integer  ? a) x/(x2-1)        b)x/(1-1/x) ..

    Which is true . A>B or B>A or A=B ? I mean it?s just an example.. Similar reasoning was to be given for some geometrical problems such as area? or some arithmetic problems as if x,y, z are consecutive integers and then some conditions?..


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