BHEL  Placement Paper   General - Other   Andra Education Society, New Delhi-10 Aug 2008

BHEL  Placement Paper   General - Other   Andra Education Society, New Delhi-10 Aug 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi friends I am Gaurav Singh from inderprashta engg college MECHANICAL engg.i am a 2008 batch pass out. I gave BHEL exam on 10aug 08 in was all India level exam.To tell you first BHEL has a certain cut off system for the candidates.


    For Mechanical the cut off :  

    General -------- 72.30 %

    OBC------------ 70 %

    SC--------------- 60 %

    ST--------------- 60 %


    If u r shortlisted then you will called to sit for its first phase which is all India written exam.


    WRITTEN EXAM --- Mechanical engg

     There are generally two sections:

    First : quantative & aptitude 120 ques

    Second: Mech engg   120 ques


    There are individual cut off for both and total cut off..well don?t worry soon I will let you no how to attempt ques


    Try starting the paper frm quant section.attempt atleast 85 ques..out of which 70 must be geometry formulae.average,profit simle study RS Agarwal.


    Now in Mech engg . solve atleast 85 ques.out of which 55 must be correct.on and overall the attempt shud be more..solve that ques first which u think u wil do it instantly.dont waste time on tough ques..find easy ques in paper.this time there were 15 ques based on electrical engg. Ques were simple like finding power matrix and vector of class 12.cross and dot product formulae. Ques were mainly from FLUID, THERMAL, two-three welding technology ques, PRODUCTION. Purchase R.K JAIN the best book to get through PSU.


    WELL the result of written came on 27 aug. My interview was at INTER CONTINENTAL HOTEL, new delhi on 9 sept 08.wat a seven star hotel it was.i still remember the kind of hospitality BHEL has planned for the interview candidates.A staff of  a hotel will be booked to look after the interview candidates.they ask me to report at 9 am.they served me coffee, was just kept on the table.drink as many tea or coffee.many flavours were there.well not spending more time on this.


    I was the first candidate to be interviewed..luckily I have secured good rank in merit. You will meet people from all parts of the nation there in interview.interviewies were conducted from 5 sept to 15 oct.


    There is a panel of 6 people. in mine there was one lady also.the chairman , two people from any good institutions like IIT or DCE.,one frm BHEL, one psychologist.


    Don?t worry they will keep u relax throughout. My area of interest was FLUID AND thermal engg


    Some ques are:  

    1. what is your name

    2. Tell me about ur family back ground

    3. how is steam generated at wat temp and press.? wat is specific heat.

    4. what is back pressure turbine,

    5. how do u govern turbine

    6. name different turbine.which turbine at bhakra dam.

    7. parts and fuel for gas turbine

    8. wat do u know about BHEL

    9. your vision for INDIA 2020 does inflation effects you

    11. wat is GDP

    12. How is electricity produced

    13. wat all can be done from hydrogen.

    14. WAT is the effect of temp on viscosity of a lubricant ?

    15. wat will happen if petrol is inserted in a diesel car ?  


    My interview was held for about 35 min..since I was first they spend so much time on me..but rest interview was around 15  min.

      I answered each and every ques.prepare for interviews as soon written result come out.


    Read these topics
    1. power plant
    2. thermal engg
    3. welding
    4. fluid machinery.


    Results for this came on 18 oct 2008.i think I am joining is in BHOPAL 4 nov at Heavy electrical plant, BHEL I was selected.thanks to GOD , my parents,teachers and my friends who helped me lot.


    All the best !!!!

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