BHEL  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Hotel Chola Sheraton, Chennai-20 Dec 2010

BHEL  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Hotel Chola Sheraton, Chennai-20 Dec 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Had attended the interview of BHEL (Electrical) @ Hotel Chola Sheraton, Chennai today. We need to fill a Bio-data form if we are selected in the written round. (Its available on their website.) Some of the things that one fills up in the first application are to be filled again. Besides there are questions like:

    * Why do you want to join BHEL?
    * What can you do for BHEL's growth?

    Also one needs to fill up the subjects one studied in each semester. (I had abbreviated the subjects' name due to lack of space. This generated interest in one of the interviewers and I was asked strange questions - listed below. However, I was able to answer all of them.)

    At first one of the three interviewers read my answer to the questions above.Bhagwan ji hi jaante hain - what they made of it!!

    Questions asked:
    * What is DSP (one of my subjects in college)? Have you ever worked on a DSP chip?
    * What is POM (another subject)? What do you understand by Production Management?
    Have you heard about ABC classification? What is it?

    There were some strips of paper lying in a glass. I was asked to pick one of them. It had the following question:
    * Why is Si - steel used in the manufacture of transformer core?
    When I answered it, another interviewer asked the following:
    * How do you reduce eddy current loss in transformers?
    (Simple - you see, or maybe, I was just lucky to get a simple question)

    I was asked some questions like:
    * What thoughts were going on in your mind regarding the interview when you were about to enter?
    * Did you notice any newspaper or magazines when you entered the room?
    (There were actually plenty of them kept just beside me, but I had failed to notice them. It was a trap - possibly!)

    This was all about the interview: Plain and simple.

    For the written exam: Though there are plenty of questions asked - much of them are easy.
    Try the following:
    * In Aptitude section attempt around 100 and in the technical part - somewhere around 40 (assuming that 90% are correct). I had read this on earlier and did the same - I made it through. If a few other candidates have had similar experience, then they may share it here and this may well become a thumb rule for clearing (at least) BHEL's written exam.

    * Handle Aptitude first (it helps).

    * Avoid (seemingly)difficult or long questions in technical part. There are lot easier questions dispersed all throughout (more towards the end). Try them, each will fetch you equal marks. Ultimately, its the total count that matters and not the type of question you got correct.

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