BHEL  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Delhi-31 Oct 2010

BHEL  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Delhi-31 Oct 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Hi Friends,

    On October 31st I have written the exam of BHEL In Chennai. The entire test paper consisted of 240 questions with 5 options for each question and -1/5 marks for wrong answer with 1 mark for right answer. My Stream is Electronics

    The paper consisted of primarily four sections

    1) Technical Engg (60 Questions)
    2) Basic Engg (60 Questions)
    3) Verbal Ability (60 Questions)
    4) Quantatitive (60 Questions)

    A) Technical Engineering (Electronics)

    It consist of simple basics questions in the electronics field subjets like electronics circuits, lic, communication system, control systems, microwave, eletronics devices, signals and system, analog circuits, digital circuits 

    S ome questions that asked in that exam are


    1) Sampling theorem is used in what? (AM, FM, PCM, AM & FM)

    2) What is the bandgap of germanium?

    3) Which of the following elements is used for making P-type semiconductor material from intrinsic semiconductor? (Phosporous, Boron, Gallium, Gallium Arsenide)

    4) Question on the power of the SSB signal of AM write to given modulation index.

    5) Modulation Index of AM, FM, PM

    6) Question on the values of damping factor for critically damped, underdamped, overdamped systems.

    7) Which of the following modes do not exist in wave guides? (TE1, TM1, TEM1,)

    8) What is the band used to send the AM signals (HF, VHF, SHF, UHF)


    9) The intermediate frequency of am signal is


    10) Which damping condition is normally used


    11) Conversion of binary to gray codes and 2 complements sums, gate questions


    12) Which oscillator is stable


    The questions is 80% theory only just go through the books like gk publishers book galgotia publications from these books they asked more questions.


    B) Basic Engineering (Most of the questions were from physics,chemistry)


    1) Questions on the friction.

    2) Which type of steel is used in railway line among carbonsteel, mild steel?

    3) Questions on specific gravity.


    4) What is the optimum humidity to be provided by a Air Conditioner


    5) Red +green gives which colour


    6) Twins ores are, which is the hard iron ore, sound is high in, 1 ton is equal to

    7)  What is the weight of 1 cubic meter air?

    For these type of questions just go through fundamentals in 10th standard


    C) Verbal Ability


    1) 10 Questions on spell check

    2) 6 questions on comprehension paragraph

    3) 10 questions on sentence correction

    4) 10 questions to check whether the two statements given are implicit, explicit or imply each other.


    5) Questions relating to relationships


    For this section you go through some bank po questions bank  


    D) Quantitative Ability

    1) 20 questions on match the following in these you want to strong in basic mathematics


    For these quantitative section you just go through quiker mathematics books

    E) reasoning Ability

    1) Average proportions based questions; age problems simple problems only

    2) Work completed by 10 people in 5 days then 20 people will complete in how many days?

    3) Direction sense test, word problems, coding, stament conclusions and assumptions

    For this section just go R.S Aggarwal books solve some bank reasoning problems

    I think I give some valuable information to you about the exam be cool when you are attending the exam. Think positive you need more time consumptions for that practice in your home. God be with you i'm wishing. All the best to your great success!


    For queries frankly mail me to


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