BHEL  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   BIT Bangalore -31 Oct 2010

BHEL  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   BIT Bangalore -31 Oct 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012

    My discipline was mechanical.

    240 questions 150 mins.
    No extra omr wil be provided.
    So be careful in filling the details.
    They took the question paper & permission slip with them after the exam.

    Questions in English & Hindi.

    240 questions, first 120 technical.

    Mainly from heat and mass transfer problems.
    * Thermodynamics.
    * Panks energy equation.
    * Column equation.

    Then some electronics questions half adder full adder etc.
    Some electrical circuit questions.
    Some questions from DBMS, computer basics.
    Technical section mainly problems.
    Problems wil be easy for prepared students.
    Some questions couldn't  answer without calculator.
    They provided those questions to waste our time.

    No general knowledge questions.

    English aptitude.
    Spot the error.
    Select the opposite words.
    Spelling mistake check.
    2 paragraph comprhnsn. (3+3) 6 questions.

    Mathematics aptitude.
    Find rank of matrix
    Find eigon vector.
    Ven diagrams.
    1 question from sets.
    Area of circle, rectangle square type problems(simple).
    Basic trignometry.
    Simple interest.

    Eg: Find the value of 1032 - 532.

    Last 60 questions very very very easy.
    8th standard students can solve those questions.
    But the problem was most of the students waste their time infront of technical problems.
    So start answering from last section.
    The Results will publish within 15 days after the exam.

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