BHEL  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Ambedkar Collage Nagpur-31 Oct 2010

BHEL  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Ambedkar Collage Nagpur-31 Oct 2010

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    Hi..,  Friends,

    I have attended for BHEL have attended for BHEL engineer written test conducted on 31st Oct 2010 at Nagpur. I'm from Ece branch. Here are some question which i remembered.
    There are 240 quesiton each quesitons carries 1 marks 0.20 negative time 2.30 hours.                                                                                                                                    
    1) Barkhausen criterion of oscillation is
    2) Class b amplifier has less efficiency compared to
    3) Which of the following can be used to determine beta B
    4) A current controlled current source is ? input resistance and ? output resistance
    5) Which is most stable oscillater à crystal oscillator
    6) Formula of rc phase shift oscillator
    7) Forbidden gap of germanium
    8) 6 diodes are connected in series with 6v each then breakdown voltage will have
    9) Which will have least distortion à phase distortion
    10) Which of the following the intrinsic semi conductor si is doped to obtain p type semicoductor?
    11) In metal  conductivity is?
    12) Speech amplifier is of which class type of amplifier?
    13) Which of the following is not specified for digital logic familyàbandwidh
    14) Mod 6 counter requires how many states
    15) Which logic family is work in non saturated mode?
    16) Simple question on control like steady  state response,delta function its laplace transform
    17) Answer with infinity value indicates?
    18) Which wave guide doesn?t exist?-->tem
    19) Question on Maxwell question?
    20) Frequences in UV range are propagated by means of?
    21) Given the values of modulation index u1 and u2 find overall efficency?
    22) In bode plot w2/w1 decade indicates?
    23) Basic question in aptitude sufficient R.S Aggarwal see Rank sequence, Blood relation, odd term out, statement conclusion, complete sentences, problem on ages, direction problems,
    24) Last 20 question on comparison refer barron book or see it's PDF in net.
    25) General question like railways tracks are made up of, concurrent lines means, tenstile strength, refrigenation like how many tones requires, learn basic question on chemistry.

    "All the best for future aspirants"


    Ankit khetrapal

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