BEL  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Bangalore-4 Jul 2010

BEL  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Bangalore-4 Jul 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012

    BEL exam for probationary engineers

    Total 150 questions time2.30 hrs duration

    1 to 30 questions

    1-5 passage,6-10 english vocabulary,11-30 general aptitude like military morse key communication codes 5 questions

    31-34---- questions based on Gases laws, like Charles law, gas ratios, cp/cv,  internal energy of gas depends on which factors .

    35?problem on efficiency of heat engines, heat in put & work output is given just to calculate the efficiency,Ex: input is 15152j/s,output is in 5kw

    36-40?theroy questions on  carnot cycle,reversible,irreversible,entropy topics

    41-44?all kinds of cycles like ,Brayon,otto,disel,RANKIES ..ETC

    46-48---questions on automobile engineering

    49-50 questions on compressors

    51-53 questions on gas tubines,power plants

    54-61?questions from heat&mass transfer, topics like conductivity,parallel flow couner flow  process

    62?68?from air conditioning and refregenation like, c.o.p,1 ton of ref, properties of secondary refrigerant..

    69?77?fluid mechanics on viscosity,fluid properties ,?

    78-81?on boilers ,steam properties..

    86?93 material science

    94?102-strength of materials,on  mohrs circle?222 questions,principal stress,E,K,C relations,thin,thick cylinders,2 ? questions from B.M of simply supported and cantilever beams

    104-111---theory of machines, topics links, joints, spur gear ,kleins construction,coriolis construction,fly wheel.springs,clutches,revited joints.

    112-130?Manufacturing technology( production technology),all welding process,jigs fixtures ,machining process, mould preparations,chip types, deformation of chips, forming process,material properties,..etc

    130-140 operation research?cpm,pert,bar chart,?

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