BEL  Placement Paper   Technical - Other   BMS COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING-29 Mar 2010

BEL  Placement Paper   Technical - Other   BMS COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING-29 Mar 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Hi.... This is  ROHIT PALEKAR.. from B.M.S College of Engineering Bangalore. (Discipline: MECHANICAL)
    BEL had came to our campus to recruit students for Probationary Engineers Post from MECHANICAL, COMPUTER SCIENCE & ELECTRONICS Departments. It was on 29th March 2010.
    The selection procedure was:
    1. Written Test (Technical each department had a separate question paper)
    2. Technical cum HR Interview.

    MECHANICAL PAPER 70Q. (Full Technical & Each question carried 1 Mark and deduction 0.5Mark).
    I remember some of the questions which were basically from Theory of Machines, Thermodynamics, Mechanics of Materials, Manufacturing process(most i.e. out of 70Q atleast 32Q. were based on this), Material science.
    Some questions are:
    1. pulley forms which pair?(TOM)

    2. swinging pendulum: amplitude decreases/increases with time linearly or exponentially.
    3. choose KE theory assumption.
    4. Q on cohesive force.
    5. what is DPT?
    6. Variation of latent heat of vapourisation with pressure?
    7. highest T of refrigerant shud be /=/<= critical temperature
    8. for avoiding cavity  what shud be NPSH?
    9.working principle of jet engine?
    10. choose dehumidification method.
    11. highest calorific value : a)anthracite b)bituminous c)lignite....
    12. for max. capacity of compressor inlet T of air shud be: high, low,very high......
    13.  upper piston ring is COMPRESSION RING.
    14.what is ALLEN screw?
    15. three Q from types of keys.
    16. endurance strength?
    24. FOS?
    17. shear stress theory is used for DUCTILE materials.
    18. crane hook material?
    19. Surface hardness is improved by a) V b) Cr c) W d)all e)none
    n lot more Qs, they were not tough at all,but few of them surely created somewhat jumbling.

    After my written exam out of 65 i was shortlisted in 11 & I had called for an Interview in the Afternoon
    My Interview was about 20minutes.....(Out of that 15min Technical & 5min. HR Interview) GM was there.....
    Some Interview questions were:
    1. Explain in brief about yourself.
    2. About Family Background.
    3. About your Project.
    4. Favourite Subject.
    5. About Hobbies, Strength & Weakness.
    6. Also at last he asked which department do you want to work.(I replied Manufacturing).

    And at last at 7p.m. results were announced out of 35(from all the branches shortlisted after written) only 4 were selected 2-Electronics, 1-Computer science & 1-Mechanical Luckily my name was there in the final list.

    Just Believe in yourself the day will be your's....
    So I Wish you
    all the best!

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