BEL  Placement Paper   Technical - Electronics   AIMS College, Bangalore.-4 Jul 2010

BEL  Placement Paper   Technical - Electronics   AIMS College, Bangalore.-4 Jul 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012

    BEL PAPER ON 4th JULY 2010

    Hi friends?

    I?ve attended for BEL Probationary Engineer (PE) written test conducted on 4 July 2010 at Bangalore. I am from ECE? Here are few questions which I remembered?.

    There are total 150 Q?s for 2:30 Hrs?. Each question carries 1 mark and 0.25 will be deducted for a wrong answer?

    Technical: 120 Questions...

    Aptitude: 30 Questions?

    Technical part covers all subjects i.e., EDC, Analog electronics, Digital electronics, Microprocessor, analog & digital communications., op-amps, Radars, Signals & systems(Laplace transforms) ,control systems, EMTL, Antennas &microwaves. Few questions are like this?..

    1.      Forbidden gap of Ge diode is??

    Ans: 0.65V

    2.      N-Type Semiconductor will be formed by adding which type of impurities?

    Ans: Pentavallent impurities.

    3.      Which of the following are pentavallent impurities?

    Ans: Antimony & Arsenic.

    4.      Find output voltage Vo?.?

    Ans: Vo= -RC dVi/dt.

    5.      Circuit of Astable multivibrator is given and asked to find which terminal(s) has to be grounged??

    6.      Ohms law???

    Ans: J= ?E

    7.      Angstorm(Å )=???

    Ans: 10^-10m

    8.      Unit of conductivity??

    Ans: ?-m.

    9.      How can an amplifier gives more o/p than i/p, don?t u think its a violation of law conservation of energy??

    Ans: dc supply used for active devices hence law is not violated.

    10.  A question based on IC-555??

    11.  Which junction is formed by recrystallization..?

    12.  Calculate Doppler Frequency??

    13.  By increasing PRF of the Radar, what is effect on error in unambiguous range??

    14.  2 Questions based on Radar Classification..?

    15.  Which of the following is the analog modulation.?

    a)PAM      b) Delta     c)PCM  d)?.

    16. Which of the following is digital modulation.?

      a)PAM      b) Delta    c)?.

    17.  A FM broadcast station having Frequency deviation of 100MHz, Calculate Modulation   Index..?

    18.  A Question based on the definition of Geo-synchronous orbit..?

    19.  Howmany number of  Geo-synchronous satellites are required to cover entire Globe..?

    Ans: 3

    20. Calculate cutoff  frequency of TE10  mode? wider dimension is given as 2.5cms..?


    21. Directivity is same as?..?

    a) Same as Directive gain  b) greater than directive gain  c) smaller than directive gain d)None

    22. DB is expessed??

    a) Power ratio     b)voltage level    c) Current level    d)None

    23. The wave length of a wave travelling in wave guide is

    a) less than free space   b) more than free space   c) equal to free space

    24. Which of the following is not an omnidirectional antenna..?

    25. Which antenna is used for TV broadcasting..?

    Ans: Yagi-uda antenna..

    26. The standard time taken to scan one Horizontal line in TV as per FMCC standard..?

    Ans: 64µsec.

    27. A question based on the TV picture tube??

    28. If impedance in delta n/w is purely inductive then impedance in star n/w will be

     a) purely capacitive b) purely inductive c) resistive

    d) Either capacitive or inductive depends on its magnitudes.

    29. what is Laplace transform of integral of  f(t)..?

    30. Laplace transform of c1f(t)+c2f(t)?.?

    31. Area under unit impulse signal is??

    Ans: 1

    32.  The next no?s of (777)8 & (1111)2  are?.?

    Ans: (1000)8 & (10000)2  

    33. In floating point representation, 853.29 can be represented as _____?

    34. Shifting left and putting a zero in LSB is equivalent to?..?

    Ans. multiply by 2.

    35. If we require o/p equal to i/p then which flip-flop has to be used .?

    a) D-Flipflop    b) D-Latch   c)?

    36. Which of the following  gate is used for making inverter..?

    Ans: NAND gate

    37. In which technology the no. of gates are more than 12??

    Ans: MSI.

    37. For an n-bit microprocessor the value of n is based on??

    a) Address bus    b) Internal data bus   c) External data bus   d) None.

    38. Address bus length of  80286 microprocessor is??

    39. One more question based on microprocessor?

    40. Minimum RAM memory required in windows-95.?

    41. which operating system is prefer for Servers??

    a). Windows 98 b). Windows NT

    42. A question on Logic Gate families??  


    43. It is a




    a). Feedback Network    b). Oscillator C)???

    44.  A Qstn on Rise Time from Control systems?

    45. A Qstn based on stability from control systems..

    46. In a feedback system the error signal is?.?

    Ans:  a)r+s   b) r-s    c) r±s   d) None

    47.  Group velocity of a wave



    48. Which of the mode the wave propagates in the Free Space???..?

    49. In which amplifier current flows for less than half cycle??

    a)class-A      b) class-B      c)class-AB       d) class-C

    50. 1Qstn  based on Routh Hurwitz criterian..?

    Coming to Aptitude part?.

    1.  A passage was given n 5 Q?s based on that?.
    2.  3 Q?s from idioms & phrases?.
    3.  Fill in the blanks?.

    4.  5 simple Q?s on a puzzle?.
    5.  10 Q?s on data interpretation?

    6.  5 qstns from secrecies (Four rules were given and asked find which series follows which rule....)

    A thorough preparation of our core subjects (mainly basics & numerical) will help you to solve it to the maximum with in time? It just needs practice? Prepare well for the exam?.

    ?Mind should be like Parachute as it works well when it opens?

    ?What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.?

    I Wish U All The Best, Just Do Believe In Yourself, Success Will Be Yours?J




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