BEL  Placement Paper   General - Other   IET,Lucknow-31 Dec 2007

BEL  Placement Paper   General - Other   IET,Lucknow-31 Dec 2007

  • Posted by  FreshersWorld 
    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi?guys????.this is whole test paper of BEL at IET lucknow?? on 31st of December 2007???.They take only technical paper  ?????.due to some lack of time????.The whole test paper contains only?..50 question????There was +4 for right ans      and   -2 for wrong ans???. Twenty five students appeared in the exam?????..Out of the only 7 was selected after written test??.. 
    And finally  onely two were selected in the BEL????..and  I  was one of them    selected?? This is   COMPUTER SCIENCE PAPERE??????..

    It includes

    1)C-basic concepts??..and very  good  question because whole basic knowledge were given??.
    2)Compiler basic knowledge???..
    3)Data base management  system???????
    4)Data structure?????
    5)Operating system????..such as what is kernel????and options were give?????


    There were six  member team?????all were talented  and very nice looking?? And all were present at the time of interview????? They ask ????. From where you belong???. What have you prepared today????.i told that  data structure and dbms????

    Then there was an intelligent sir and they ask????what   is DDL   AND   DML???..i told     and then they ask  for query  related to it?????..and due to my area of interest I gave all the ans correctly??so he was impressed?????.

    And there was no   hr ?.question?????So be confident  while giving any  ans????..and be positive?????..because it prepare for right judgement????..

    Bets of luck guys   and  be +ve???????..

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