BEL  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Delhi-13 May 2007

BEL  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Delhi-13 May 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    hi frnds,  i had given bel paper, and found it surprisingly tough......unlike other psu's numericals here had a grt role

    to start with paper was of 150 mins. in which 150 ques u've to do...out of which 30 were of apti &120 technicalapti was as simple as it cld be general qs. of prft-loss,ci,si,ht.&dist.etc,alongwith simple passage and some easy DI problems....

    but 4 tech. i think they've sm affinity towards controls &fourier.....every part of controls startin frm block reduction ,sfg,to Ist&IInd order matrices ...everythin was asked ..around 25 qns werfrm this part

    also brush up ur fourier and laplacian skills....from theoretical to simple solving sums wer ther ...cld be solved jus u've to analyze allformulaes befor hand.....also tak up millman and note down each andeverysingle eq.&formula given in it....part frm basicelectronics was mostly numerical with sm theoretical qns...sry i not remember exact qns as i am writin tis after 22days of paper but qns wre basicwhich u can find in any book for such exams ..refer a.k.maini or book by ntpc orany gate prep book....

    not much ques from digicom or anacomm or telecomm. as expected (as it's not a telecom company) ques of micpro are also very few only qns regardin add.lines , no.of RAM chips and so on
    time is plenty just maintain urcool and calm and do calculations very carefully..........

    yes sm qns of basic electrical like that of RLC or 3-phase current,vol.,reactive power wer also ther ... qns like resis change,series llel....straight frm ur 12 th phy. prepar it too

    BEST of LUCK 4 next exam......hop i don't 've to give it again...

    Sharad Vashistha

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