Basic Teaching Interview Questions:

  • 16 Feb, 2012

    1. What is the teacher/student ratio in your district? 2. Do you encourage teachers to earn advanced degrees? 3. How many classes a day will I be expected to teach? What is the typical class size? 4. Tell me about the students who attend this school? Can you give a profile of the 'typical' student? 5. What textbooks does the district use in this subject area? What is the district's policy on mainstreaming and inclusion? 6. Do teachers participate in curriculum review and change? 7. What kinds of support staff members are available to help students and teachers? 8. Describe the teachers at this school? Can you give a profile of the 'typical' teacher? 9. How do current staff welcome new teachers? 10. What discipline procedures does the district use? Is there a certain philosophy that you adhere to? 11. How do parents support the school? 12. How does the community support the schools? 13. Do your schools use teacher aides or parent volunteers? What is their role? 14. What allowances are provided for supplies and materials? 15. Describe the status of computer usage at your school? How do you envision it changing during the next three years? 16. Does the administration encourage field trips for students? 17. How are teachers assigned to extracurricular activities? 18. Does the district have a statement of educational philosophy or mission? 19. What are prospects for future growth in this community and its schools? 20. What kind of teacher job commitment is expected by the board, superintendent, principal and parents?

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