Ballet Mécanique: A Spread-Spectrum Ecstasy

Ballet Mécanique: A Spread-Spectrum Ecstasy


April 21, 2011 The Committee on Creative Writing, the Poem Present Reading and Lecture Series,the Arts Council, and the Global Voices Program at International House are pleased to present Ballet Mécanique: A Spread-Spectrum Ecstasy, a staging based on a long poem by John Matthias. This performance depicts the starlet Hedy Lamarr during in her early life in Germany. Lamarr is notorious for her risqué role in the Czech movie 'Ecstasy,' and for being the mistress of Fritz Mandl, a Jewish arms merchant selling his wares to the Third Reich. Mandl's possessiveness, combined with a contempt for her intellect, lead to a dark tale of revenge and intrigue.

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