Baan  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Not Specified-16 Jun 2008

Baan  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Not Specified-16 Jun 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012

     BAAN PAPER ON 17th JUNE 2008

    Written Test: It consists of 3 sections

     1.Aptitude:Very simple aptitude questions on percentages and other basic stuff 
     2.English : Grammer and Reading Comprehension 
     3.Technical: Some basic questions on SQL, since they mainly work on RDBMS and SQL.
     I dont know about the cutoff thing for this round. But in all this round (Test) consists of 60 questions out of which i have attempted 45 very confidently.
     Now coming to the result of this round,they have declared the result on the same day itself and asked nonlocal people to stay back so that they can conduct everything for them on the same day.
     But in my case, they asked me to come in the next week (Tuesday) and the second round was a technical interview in which they mainly concentrated on RDBMS and SQL as i have said earlier.They also asked me questions related to my project and other basic stuf relatedto OS and some questions on C,C++,Java,Unix Shell scripting and Socket programming.
     The interview took place for around 45 minutes and the good thing is that they were willing to explain the concept if i was unable to explain or answer any of their questions.So that made me more confident and the interview went on well for me.
     They said that they would be informing me abt the result of this round in a week and they informed me on saturday that i will have to attend a HR round on Monday.
     Then in the HR round she surprisingly asked me to explain my final sem project which i wasnt looking forward to as it was HR round.Any how i explained the same to her for 20-25 minutes and then were some common questions like tell me abt urself,........

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