AtosOrigin  Selection Procedure

AtosOrigin  Selection Procedure

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Hi Friends, am Chandra Sekhar from Kadapa Andhra Pradesh

    I got placed in Atos Origin , I was so depressed after getting rejected in CSC company, But I continued to work Hard and finally I got placed in  Atos Origin.

    Here I am sharing my experience with u, because it may helpful for you.

    Selection procedure:
    1> Aptitude Test
    2> Essay Writing
    3> Technical as well as H.R Interview.

    Aptitude test
    Time management is important

    100 Questions in 75 minutes and then 15 minutes of Essay. First they said there is negative marking of ?-1?, but after some time they reduced the criteria they said negative marking of -0.5, but they had kept sectional cutt off.

    Apti marks distubation was like 45 (Logical Reasoning) + 30 (Quantative Apti) + 25 (Verbal English)

    Section 1: Logical reasoning
    This section consists of all logical puzzles, no need of any kind of calculatoin
    here u need to see book of ?A MODERN APPROACH TO VERBAL & NON VERBAL REASONING?
    Prepare following chapters from this book

    Following example was there as it is in book, in Apti

    ?Six persons A, B, C,D,E ande F are sitting in two rowz, three in each.
    E is not at end of any row.
    D is second to the left of F
    C, the neighbour of E, is sitting diagonally opposite to D.
    B is the neighbour of F.

    answer following questions.
    !. Which of the following are sitting digonally opposite to D??
    2. Who is facing B..?
    3. Which of the following are in same row ?
    4. which of the following are in one of two rowz ?
    5. After interchanging seat with E, who will bethe neighbours of D in the new position ?

    Statement and Arguments

    Here u must prepare chapter like statements and arguments, assertion and reasoning, etc. Do it well from RS Agarwal.

    1 >They will give u One statement. Below that there will be two statements I) & II ), as a reason.
    select option a) If only stmt I) is strong reason for given statement.
    b) If only statement II) is strong reason for given statement.
    c) If I) & II) both are strong reason for given statement.
    d) neither I) nor II) is a reason for given statement.etc.
    Prepare these topic, surely there will be 5-10 questions on this topic.

    SECTION 2: Quant Apti refer R.S Agarwal Quant Aptitude
    refer forrwing chapters
    1> Train Problems
    2> Boat and streams.
    3> Time and distance
    4> Time and work.
    5> Percentage
    6> ration and proportion
    7> Clock
    30 questiona are there total, do it very carefully. No need to attempt all question, keep eyes on your watch, do selected question first

    here u need a bit of luck u must be very good in English, people who have given GRE or equivalent exams this is easy for them. I had not prepared for such exams so it was tough for me. There were two big paras and question were asked from that plus some synonyms and Antonyms. Try to prepare.

    ESSAY Writing : Topic ?Face of India (Sachin / MS Dhoni)?

    Ther were around 250 partcipents.... and only around 80 get through the 1st round... Iwas one of them....


    Question were like follow
    1. Tell me something about u r self..
    2. Questions from resume specially from educational background,
    3. Which was the subject u hate most ? I said Maths, I explained the reason, Then He agreed with me
    4. which subject u love ? I said Java,
    5. Then they asked some questions from DBMs,

    Tech + Hr interview....
    Me: May i come in sir?
    Hr: Yes Please
    Me : Good Evening Sir
    hr: GE .. Take your seat
    Me : Thanku sir
    Hr: Tel Me about urself
    Me: Answered
    Hr : Can U explain me ur final year project in BE?
    ME : Explained in detail
    Hr : What type of securuty you hav developed in your project??
    Me: Answered ..
    Hr: So Mr. Chandra Sekhar U hve mentioned in the resume that  u hve knowledge of languages c and c++, html, XML(I was Mentined in my resume)
    Me: Yes sir.
    Hr: Can U Tel me the difference between c  and c++ ?
    Me: Answered..
    Hr: Can u write a program with dynamically allocation of avariable?
    Me: Wrote and explain
    Hr : What is oops concept?
    Me : Answered..
    Hr: What is inheritance ?
    Me : Answered
    Hr : Can u write the example for that?
    Me: wrote
    Hr: What are control statements in c ?
    Me : Answered..
    .Hr: Suppose i given a project for development what is your plans in that??
    Me: sir it is either Web Application or Desktop Application?
    Hr: As your like.
    ME: I Choose web application and explain.
    Hr: What is your fav'rte Language?
    Me: Answered...HTML
    Hr: He asks lot of questions on HTML??
    Me: Answered
    Hr: What is the difference between HTML and XML?
    Me: Answered..
    Hr: What is JScripts and Servelets?
    Me: Told
    Hr: Can u rite a Javasacript programe ??
    Me: Wrote
    Hr: Diff between  Oracle9i, Oracle10g, and Oracle11i ?? Give me Examples
    Me: I dont Know sir,,,.
    Hr: tell me about  DBMS and RCBMS?
    Me :  Answered
    Hr: Tel me abot ur family background..
    Me: answred
    Hr : Tel me bot ur strength and weekness..
    Me: Told...
    Hr: Give me 3 examples ...
    Me: gave 2 ... He Was Satisfied with my response...
    Hr: What r u dng in free time?
    Me: Am intresting Observing the Politics..
    Hr: Waw.....!!!! Intresting ,, Why u like Politics either than reading books, listening songs..etc?
    Me: Answered
    Hr: Who is the Minister of Foreign Affairis??
    Me: Answered with personal details of him
    Hr: Who is your Fav'rte politician??
    Me: Answered
    Hr: Why
    ME: Answered with lot of details
    Hr:: Waw u have Excellent hobby Which i never seen in previous...
    Hr: Ok if u ve any queries u can ask..
    Me: Sir I saw in company websit that AOI Tecnically Supports Olympic game.. Hw does it related to AOI sir?
    Hr: explained me nicely...
    Hr: Are open to join any of our baranches in india like puna, mumbai, kolkatta...?
    Me: Yes sir....
    Hr: nice to talk to you Mr.Chandra Sekhar   thanku..
    Me: thanku sir... have a nice day...
    I ve been interviewed for 22 mins....
    finally at 6 o'clk they announce the result ... 28 of them were selected... and luckily i was one of them....
    So friends i would suggest u to attend the interview with confidence and always try to have smile on ur face during interview ...
    I wish u all the best ... C u in AOI.........Thank you...

    Chandra Sekhar

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