Asthma Basics: Common Myths

Asthma Basics: Common Myths


Dr. Karen DeMuth, Emory University, reveals the truth behind common asthma myths. Yes, asthma is serious. Yes, medications are necessary. No, steroids used to treat asthma are not same as controversial steroids in sports. No, steam doesn't help asthma. Yes, people with asthma can play sports. And no, people do NOT outgrow asthma. Background Dr. Karen DeMuth is Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at the Emory University School of Medicine, Emory University. She is also a pediatric allergy specialist at Emory-Children's Center. Related Links Pulmonary Disease at Emory University Hospital Midtown InsiderMedicine: If I Had - A Child With Asthma Children's Allergy Center (Children's Healthcare of Atlanta) "Breathing Room" (Article) Karen DeMuth BSN, MD (Children's Healthcare of Atlanta)

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