Aricent  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Aricent Gurgaon -10 Sep 2006

Aricent  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Aricent Gurgaon -10 Sep 2006

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi dear friends,

    First of all i would like to thank to GOD , my lecturers, my family members and my friends, because of there wishes only I made to aricent .
    Special thanks to :Meit mahajan and  aditi bhandari 
    I did my from institute of engineering and emerging technologies baddi, distt solan, himachal pradesh in june branch was Computer science.
    I will be telling you about my experience that i had during my interview. First thing i would like to tell you is that aricent was flextronics can also check for flextronics  papers on freshersworld site.
    What to study for written test.
    To clear written you need not study any thing particular but what you can do is ,you can go through all the previous papers present in freshersworld site. because you are never sure about what will come in the paper.But you can go through  some core  subjects that would help- you after written also.

    In interview At the start they will ask you for your best subjects.But these subjects they want you to know about.

    1.Any language C or C++

    Books to be followed->
    test your skills in c by kanetkar, 
    C by Dennis ritchie are sufficient.

    Initially for written you would be given a choice for C or C++, and based upon your choice your technical interview would depend. like if you choose C you will be asked about C only, in technical interview. structures

    Books to be followed->
    Go through data  structures by schoum series(initially) then you can go through other books also for programs in c.
    prepare well  on stacks,sorting algorithims,trees,queues ,linked lists, implementation in C  is very important.In interview they will ask you to write add an item to list,delete a particular node,quick sort program etc
    questions on trees will be there in written test.
    3.operating system
    Go through book by gelvin on operating system
    very few questions will be there in written.But for interview you can prepare on memory management(virtual memory),paging,segmentation,semaphores, real time operating systems,and other type of operating systems,deadlock,process and different states etc. networks

    You can go through tanenboum.for CSE  students only overview is sufficient like OSI,TCP IP Model
    basic idea of bridges,hub,switches,gateways,routers, packet/circuit/message switching etc.
    for electronics  students you can go to details of GPRS,GSM and also prepare well on digital electronics and topics like half adder,full adder X mod counter (X=5,10,20 etc) k maps

    So these are the four subjects by mastering which you can  be there in flextronics(Aricent)

    ->there will be two technical interviews by different people.usually it lasts for long time(1.5 hr average) but it depends bility like for me both last for 25 minutes approx.
    after that you will undergo an HR If you have cleared both the technicals then it would be just a formality. But some usual questions like your hobbies,negative and positive will you manage your team members in case you are manager etc can be asked,They basically want to see how you will behave in a group,always take the descision like a team not as a single should be very coperative and positive minded.


    The most important thing is be particular in your case you donot know anything about something please do not this situation :"i donot know "or "i am not comfortable with this" would be the best may or may not be able to give all the answers,Don't worry in that case.if you are able to give 60 percent of the answers then you can make it.

    The most important thing 
     like when they question you and in case you are not able to answer that ,then they will ask you another question related to that which will basically a solution to your question or some hint so listen to that carefully and use that to answer the main question. I will give you my example. in first technical he asked me
    int x;


    Y=X>>-2;(rt shift)
    print Y;

    What will be the output?

    So i was not able to recall how to represent a negative no in he asked me do you know 2's complement
    I said yes and got to know that a negative no can be represented in 2's complement form.So i ussed his hint to solve that question and i used that so many times.This experience was common in second interview also.same thing happened to me and ultimately i got the answer.

    ->Don't get nervous in case they ask you questions just one after other very fastly they do  just to check whether you can bear pressure or not,
    ->look into their (interviewer's) eyes to show your confidence, 
    Last Most important point please keep in mind

    That its God and luck above all .if its your day everything will go according to you.But if its not then......


    So need not worry just trust in god and do the right.In case you feel any thing to be be ambigious or you want to ask any thing you can mail me or call me.
    See you in flextronics/aricent
    Satish Bharadwaj

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