Aricent  Placement Paper   General - Other   Thiagarajar College Of Engg.,,Madurai-27 Aug 2008

Aricent  Placement Paper   General - Other   Thiagarajar College Of Engg.,,Madurai-27 Aug 2008

  • Posted by  FreshersWorld 
    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi frnz, im abt 2 tell u abt my experience with aricent..... they conducted 3 rounds for us

    1. Aptitude Test
    they had around 3 sections like analytical abilities in which they asked about relationships, pattern matching, data sufficiency problem, figure analysis u need to learn frm verbal and non verbal reasoning of r.s agarwal is enough  then mental ability and detailed analysis... in which they will be askin questions like 2/3*4-5 in which + stands for -, - stands for *, * stands for /, / stands for + then u ll b havin C and data structures ..... learn frm test ur c skills 

    it was for 1 hr. they had sme 20 questions frm data structures and 30 questions frm C. questions like wat is the time taken to find an element in a binary search tree

    1. O(log n)
    3. O(n-1/2)

    they will gve a code and ask to find out to whch sorting it belongs to... which sorting tech has same complexity for worst case,in c questions frm unary operators, strings were asked practise well with analytical abilities as u may face shortage of time....

    2. Group Discussion
    they ll grp us into 10 members each and they ll gve us the topic and description abt it some time to thnk over the topic... i thnk it went for 30 mins they gave us the topic " TOO MUCH CRICKET WILL KILL THE GAME"

    3. then v had a tech interview
    1. introduce urself
    2. w a p to find factorial of a num using recursion
    3. to find rev of a string using recursion
    4. to merge 2 linked lists
    5. to find a word in a file
    6. as he was impressed by my code he asked me easy quests he asked me abt storage classes in c, diff bet hubs and switches, sockets in java
    he asked me questions frm critical section as he was impressed by my ans he asked me for developwer or tester... i said both so he asked me any quests for him... then i asked sme blah blah he smiled at me

    then results were announced at 11 in the n8 ..... god's grace i was selected...

    so frnz its an easy job... dnt worry be confident     

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