Aricent  Placement Paper   General - Other   BMS Coll. Of Engg.,Bangalore-8 Aug 2008

Aricent  Placement Paper   General - Other   BMS Coll. Of Engg.,Bangalore-8 Aug 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi frndz, My self Md. Hasnain from BMS College of Engg, Bangalore S7 solution came to our campus on 8th of August 2008, so i m giving the questions what i have.There was written test, technical and then hr round.
    The duration of the written test was one hour.
    There is three sections A,B,C.

    SECTION A:- All questions in this section are compulsory.
    1. A bottle and a cap totally cost 110 rupees. Bottle costs 100 rupees more than cap. What is the cost of bottle and cap ?
    2. Given a number N, print all factors of N?
    3. A real number Y is chosen at random such that 0<=y<=100. What is the probability that y-floor(y) >1/3.

    SECTION B:- Answer any 3 out of the 4 questions below.Score is awarded based on the space and time complexity of the progrm.
    1. Given an array of integers (positive or negative) find a continuous sequence of elements that gives the maximum sum and print that max. sum. (Extra points if you can give an O(n) solution).
    Example Input:- {1,2,-5,6,9,0,-10,4}
    Output:- 15

    2. Given two strings S1 and S2 find if S2 can be formed by a circular shift of S1.
    Example Input:- ASDF DFAS
    Output:- True.
    Example Input:- ASDF FDSA
    Output:- False.

    3. Write a program to reverse words in a string. Please note that you must not reverse the characters but reverse the words. (Extra points if you can reverse it in-place without using additional space).
    Example Input:- "This is an example"
    Output:- "example an is This"

    4. Given an integer array find the longest sequence of non-decreasing numbers. In case of a tie, print that series that appears first in input.
    Example Input:- {5 10 15 12 13 17 19 13 14}
    Output:- {12 13 17 19}

    SECTION C:- Answer any 2 out of the 3 questions below.
    1. given a 2-dimensional grid of integers, find a rectangle with maximum sum and print the sum.
    Example Input:-
    -2 5 7 
    1 0 -9
    7 8 9
    Output:- 25

    2. Given a set of integers, print the powerset of the given set.
    Example Input:- {1,2,3}
    1 2
    1 3
    2 3
    1 2 3

    3. You are given an image of a surface photographed by a satellite.The image is a bitmap where water is marked by '.' and land is marked by '*'. Adjacent group of '*'s form an island. (Two '*' are adjacent if they are horizontal, vertical or diagonal neighbours). Your task is to print the number of islands in the bitmap.
    Example Input:- 


    Output:- 5

    I have given all the questions, hope it will help in your preparations.I didn't get placed to this company but after that i got placed in Aricent so friends be confident and do well.Remember only three things.......Hardwork,Confidence,Luck...All the best..

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