Aricent  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   BMSCE, Banglore-12 Oct 2009

Aricent  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   BMSCE, Banglore-12 Oct 2009

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    7 Jan, 2012

                                  ARICENT TECHNOLOCIES..
    Hi 'm Ravi I would like to share my experience with Aricent recruitment.
    aricent visited our(BMSCE banglore)college for campus recruitment on Oct 12th 2009.The
    whole selection procedure lasted for 2days,with a total of 25hrs of waiting!, It was amazing
    experience.around 450students attended.
    Merittrack assisted with the written round.morning by 9 .we had written round then PPT
    by HR.
    1.written test
    2.critical incident form filling
    3.GI(group interview) interview+critical incident interview
    Written round consisted of 4sections.
    This test had  4 sections .each paper will b given 1 after another there was sectional cut­off.
    so b careful.
    1st was Analytical ability test including puzzle test; statement­ assumption; logical
    reasoning; statement­ conclusions;figure series etc. puzzle section was quite difficult n time
    taking n others easy. 30 ques were there.
     Like­ gave 2 statements n asked conclusion & vice versa.
    RS agarwal`s verbal n non verbal book is more than enough for this section.
    2nd was accuracy to data ­was v easy and it was just an
    eye wash some figures are given like 33345673333 ,den there were 4 opinion and u have
    to see how many of the four match dis digit....
     also geometric figures completion series 5 ques.
    3rd ­  one has 2 opt for c or c++ or Java. I was quite confident with C so chose c only.for
    this section ,understanding C by kanetkar is perfect. U need to  be strong in basics.. once
    again strings,arrays,pointers,macros,functions are of high importance.
    4th­  Data structures was quite simple,also 4 codes were given ,
    there were simple questions about stacks,queues,linked list, n around 4­5 questions on
    complexities of different sorting etc.
    all the sections were quite easy,U can easily manage time.take care of sectional cutoff.
    By 2 30 we got results of written round. 125 cleared the written. As it was intended to take
    then they issued merittrac ids.
    Later by 3.30 they gave application form n critical incident reporting for ,which consisted of
    some 7 ques related to attitude,team work,time management,
    ­how did u help ur team?
    ­How do you manage multiple  tasks ,which are to be completed soon.?
    ­how will you convenience others when they don't have any idea about what you are
    intended to say?
    Please do not bluff,they will catch you at the time of interview. Write whatever u did.
    Remember WHAT,HOW,OUTCOME are the things that must be present in your answer. Do
    not write stories.
    By 4 30 we were asked to take GD ,12 each. It was NOT a ELIMINATION round. So just be
    confident,no matter you understand the topic o not,just speak. It will add up to your total
    Please give chance to each n every one in Ur group,thereby exhibiting leadership quality.
    Then personal (TECH+HR)interviews started around 5 30. unfortunately I didn get my call
    that day waiting till 1 30am!! it was nice experience, learn t so many concepts in the
    meantime.:) so make use of the waiting period.
    The next day,our interviews started by 10am.even that I waited till 4 30 for my call.
    interviewer was good,moreover helping in nature.
    He went through the application form ,then critical incident report,cross questioned each n
    every question. So do try n remember,whatever u wrote.!
    How u helped ur team?..n same questions as mentioned earlier.
    He asked where would I stay?
    HR questions took around 20min.
    Now tech, he asked me to list the subjects from 3rd sem. Do not write,which u feel as tuff.
    but they will catch u n question only on those which u wont expect him to ask.!!.. so,

    I said C,C++,ADA,DBMS,graph theory,data structures,file structures,java,C#

    For me it from file structures only.
    Various operations on file ptrs?

    Syntax of lseek?



    He gave a paragraph,n asked me to explain how would I make the the read pointer point to
    5th line n second word?
    I told abt lseek,but I didn know the offset to traverse.
    He gave a clue­­­­ ?\n?.
    thats it, U should be quick enough to catch those.
    Then he told to implement.

    FILE *fp;
    //accept the filename. In name
    while(c=fgetc(fp))//moves the read ptr forward
      if(line_count==5)//for 5th line
      if(c==? ?)
      {word_count++;  }

    then he asked me on OS multitaking,two types.
    On microprocessors­ 8086 how many bit?
    What does that specify­its number of bits required to address 1MB.

    Data bits or address bits??

    on C,

    various storage classes?

    Difference b/w extern n global?

    Lifetime,scope of each variable?
    The interview lasted for abt 50min.
    Then he said thanks, told me to leave.
    Results were announced by 9pm.

    For my patience,hard work, I finally made it to Aricent.
    Thanks to my mom,dad n continuous support from my brother n having faith in me. And
    for all those who supported me to achieve this.
    Totally 54/125 were selected from interview.

    ALL THE BEST GUYS:):)see you in Aricent.

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