Aricent  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   BMS College Of Eng.,Bangalore-6 Sep 2010

Aricent  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   BMS College Of Eng.,Bangalore-6 Sep 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Company name: Aricent.

    Exam Date: 6th & 7th September 2010.

    Venue: BMS College Of Engineering, Bangalore.

    Criteria: current 70%.

    Type: Campus Recruitment.

    Hi Friend's, I am waseem Bhat. Student of BMS Institute of Technology Bangalore.
    It was a very Good experience for me.

    Now let's begin with their procedure:

    Step 1 (PPT):

    They begin with a PPT of about +/- 45 minutes. In that PPT they highlited about their company, Test   procedue, Criteria etc. Please listen it carefully because they may ask you about their company profile at later stage(HR).

    Step 2 (written test):

    Duration: 1 hour 45 minutes.

    Conducted by: Merit Trac

    1. Analytical Ability (30 Questions/20 min)
    Very Simple question's . Don't need any Mathmetic's Champ. When I, whose mathmetics Phobic (Because last time i had studied Maths was in My 10th class) can  do then Why not you?
    2. Reasoning (20 Questions/15 min).
    This section was also not so difficult Coz most of the question's can be solved using common  logic. Just refer to some book to polish your self so as to improve ur solving speed(Time  constraint is there).    
    3. Data Structure (20 Questions/30 min).
    Very basic questions on Linked lists, Trees, Heap etc. A lso go through the efficiencies of all sorting algorithms you seen expect more that 5 questions from that.

    4. C or C++ or Java (30 Ques/40 min). It's the candidates choice to select anyone from above three sections. I selected C part, Here i felt questions some what difficult. Most of the Question's were from Exploring C by Yeswant Kanetkar. After some time (+/- 2hours) they shotlisted 96 students from 600 students and luckily my name was also there.

    Remember written is the only  Elimination round, then you have to stay with them upto last round and ofcourse they may also Eliminate you after all procedure is over because in each step you will be awarded points. According to their Requirements and policies they Select the number and if your agrregate fall into that, definitely you will be in.

    Step 3.

    You will be given two forms. In one form you have to fill your personal details where as the second one is a CI(Critical Incidence) form. some questions abt(+/- 6) and u are supposed to answer them. Questions like:

    1. Describe a incidence where you have worked in group.

    2. Tell about any event where you didn't have prior knowledge about it and then you learned and solved it.

    3. Any incidence where your original idea was forced to be rejected or changed.

    Remember whatz ur inside should b outside othrwz writng some movie script is not going to work all the time.

    Step 4(GI):

    It is almost similar to GD except that they will provide u document about the topic and also they divide your group into two sub groups. One has to speak in favorite of the topic where as another has to speak against the topic given to my Sub group was: Common Wealth Games Should not be held in Delhi.

    Remember it does not matter what or how much you speak, what it matters is how you speak.

    One day over,Next day ( 7/9/10).

    Step 5(Technical CUM HR).

    This round starts at morning 9am and my turn came at 6.30 PM. I was the 95th student to be interviewed.

    The process went like this:

    I: Good evening sir.

    He: Gook evening, please have a seat.

    I: Thank you sir.

    He: Introduce urself..

    I: Did

    He: You might have studied OS, DS, Networks.

    I: Yes sir.

    He: Which is your favorite subject?

    I: C programming language.

    He: Lets start with OS.

    Q: Tell me whats an operatng system.?

    Q: Different functions of an OS?

    Q: Whats the process management? and draw the fig. of process life cycle?

    Q: Whats IPC?

    Q:Whats critical section and its various solutions?

    Q: Whats semaphore?

    Also he asks many more basic questions.

    Then he switch to Networks.

    Q: Draw fig of OSI model?

    Q: Which model is used in Internet?(Ans. TCP/IP).

    Q: Draw figure of it?

    Also he asks various protocols that are used in various layers of OSI model like(IP, UDP, HTTP, IGP, TCP etc).

    Then he switched to Data structures.

    Q: Whats an Data Structure?

    Q: What are differnt types of Data Structure?

    Q: Whats a Heap, Queue?

    Q: Write a program to implement Queue?

    Also questions like that (pseudocode or program).

    Reverse of doubly, singly linked list.

    Deletion of node(some where in middle with your pointer pointing to it) from singly linked list with constraint, you do not know the starting address of list.

    Then he switchs to CI(critical section) part, which i already had wrote down. I gave him explanations and answers to his Queries related to CI?

    Atlast he statd asking questions like that:

    whats the most difficult situation you ever faced?

    Q: Do you want to know about our company?(I asked him some questions)

    thats it, my PI went for about 50 minutes.

    Then after waiting for some hours finally results were announced and by God's grace, I got selected. Out of 96 finally they selected 61 students.

    Can contact me through email, mention Aricent in subject.



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