Aricent  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Al Ameen College, Bangalore-24 Oct 2010

Aricent  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Al Ameen College, Bangalore-24 Oct 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Hai Everyone,

    I attended Aricent written test conducted at Bangalore (offline selection). It consists of 4 categories. Just like the previous posts here. I too checked them and prepared according to that. Any way it consists of general aptitude, Verbal aptitude, Data structures and the last is the category that we had to choose from C, C++, Java.

    First category is for 30 marks containing 30 bits. They are simple aptitude bits you can easily do around 20-25 of them

    Next is verbal- 20 bits 20 minutes. This consists of statement- assumption, conclusion, and all such things.
    It contains an easy section which deals with assumption of sequence of figures and such things. They too can be dealt easily.

    The next is the gaint time consuming block 20 questions-20 min
    It's Data structures.
    It deals with every sort of Data structure element from lista to trees. One question I can't figure out is the "Time complexity of cocktail sort". I haven't even heard of such kinda sort technique. Be aware you can't predict any of the questions in this section.

    Make sure to be prepared with time complexities, tree basics such as pattern of binary tree, order of binary tree, node deletion, insertion, arrangement processes etc.
    In some questions you have to choose the correct code for the given situation.

    Next the last section.
    You need to choose this section at the time of verification of your identity itself.
    It contains 30 bits with 40 min time

    It mainly deals with structures, pointers, arrays. You just need to go through Yeshwanth kanetkar exercises where he asks you to find the output. This section even though time consuming is a bit easy. We can do atleast 15-20 bits in this section.

    Before going to write the exam please mind that you need to be there at the center 1 hour before the actual deadline time indicated in the mail. For me they said to come by 9.15am and not after that. But i went there at 8.000am and the line consists of around 100 people waiting for their turn to be verified.
    So go there early than the stipulated time.

    Once you enter the verification desk they will see your print out of the mail and verifies with their copy and asks your specialization whether C or C++ or Java. Basing on your answer they will send you to the respective rooms.
    After the exam you wait at the city for at least 3 to 4 days. Because the worst has happened to me.
    I have written the test on Sunday (24th) and reached back my place (Almost 1500 KM away (1.5 days journey by train)) on Tuesday (26th). When i reached my home and logged into my mail i found that i've cleared the test and needed to attend the interview on Friday (29th). It again became tedious for me to arrange the tickets for my journey. Now i need to start for Bangalore again and thought of sharing my moments with you before I do start my journey.

    All the best for future Aricent aspirants

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