Aricent  Placement Paper   Aptitude - General   Anna University, Chennai-01 Jan 2011

Aricent  Placement Paper   Aptitude - General   Anna University, Chennai-01 Jan 2011

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Criteria: 6.5 CGPA
    Hello Friends, I am Rathinakumar. G (M.E Control and instrumentation). First of all I want to thank to and all our friends who have given their experience in this site.
    The procedure for recruitment
    1. Written test (will be conducted by merit trac)
    2. Group discussion
    3. Technical and HR interview
    Let us discuss in detail
    1. Written test
    It has three sections
    Aptitude 30 questions. This was easy you can do all the questions, like
    If * is replaced by +, + is replaced by - , - is replaced by * , = is replaced by / then what is the value of
    2*5 = 8/9-10+2.
    Statement conclusion will be there.  Finding the next figure in the series. English 20 questions
    this was also easy you can answer all the questions, like
    If Ramu is coated as qblv then Siva will be in the same pattern 10 questions will be there and also using the numbers also like. If abi coated as 3 a 11 then Raj will be coated as. C 30 questions. I know only basics in 'C' so I attempted only 20. This is also easy if you are good in programming and finding the errors in the program.
    Critical incidence.
    They gave some 7 Critical incidenc questions. Concentrate to the questions and write on what you did?
    How you did? and how you succeeded? 30 mins duration.

    You can attempt all the questions there is no negative marks. Once you cleared written there is no elimination, only cumulative marks.

    2. Group Discussion:

    They will divide the team into two groups one should speak in favor of the topic and the other group against the topic. Don't worry they will give the information in a paper, try to get some important points and make a note of that.
    3. Interview:
    My interviewer was very cool and friendly. It went for 45 mins. He asked me questions in OS, networks, C, and  he gave me quantitative questions also.
    53 cleared in aptitude and finally they short listed 26 and I am the one among them. Thank you to and all our friends.
    All the best!

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