Apps Associates  Selection Procedure

Apps Associates  Selection Procedure

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    7 Jan, 2012



    I?d like to tell you about the placement that took place at Gokaraju Rangaraju college for B Tech and MCA students of Gokaraju and Narayanamma colleges on 23rd feb, 2010 .
    The cutoff was 65% for B Tech students.
    There were MCA students also present from Gokaraju. I don?t know about their cutoff.

     The process has mainly four rounds

    1. Written test
    2. Group Discussion
    3. Technical interview
    4. HR interview

    Every round was like an elimination round.
    I mean to say that, if you don?t perform well in one round, you?d not be let to the next round.

    Written Test: The written consists of 5 sections

    1. Logical
    2. Aptitude
    3. Verbal
    4. Programming (mostly C)
    5. DBMS queries

    Each section- 10 questions.
    For CSE, IT and MCA students
    Sectional cutoff ? 6/10
    Overall cutoff ? 35/50
    Time duration ? 1hr
    For non CSE students
    (DBMS wasn?t there. So only 4 sections)
    Sectional cut off ? 6/10
    Overall cutoff  - 30/40
    Time duration ? 1hr

    Logical and aptitude sections were dead easy.
    RS Aggrawal would be more than enough.
    8 questions were sentence completion.
    2 were like choosing the antonym for the given word
    Programming: Well this section contained mostly C.
    The questions just tested your basic knowledge of C
    For example:
    What is the output i;
    i=2*i+ i++;
    Ans: 4 ch=0;
       case 1: printf(?One?);
       case 0: printf(?Hi?);
       case 2: printf(?Hello world?);
    Ans: Hi Hello world

    DBMS queries:

    This section was little tough I felt compared to other sections.
    Out of the 270+ students who were there for written, 41 students were short listed for the next round.
    Totally I?d say, you just need to have little presence of mind and good time sense (time management) to get through the written test.

    Group Discussion was good.
    You just need to be clear, confident, fluent enough and thoughtful to get noticed.
    There were 10 per group (totally 4 groups)
    After the GD, 17 students were short listed for technical round.
    The technical round went for about 45min (minimum) for each student.
    They concentrated mostly on programming languages(C, C++, Java) , DBMS and PL/SQL queries.
    Then, only few students were sent to the HR round (who did well in the technical).
    Finally I suppose around 12 students were selected.
    Now let me tell you the most important thing in the process...
    They say ?Apps Associates... Extreme Expertise ? and believe me guys..they are really extreme expertise..
    In each round they test you thoroughly and then assess you.
    So be well prepared and confident enough while going to the placement.
    That?s it...
    Results were declared after 2 days.
    And finally I got selected...
    I am very happy...
    This was my 6th company and I made it finally...
    I?d just say..keep trying until you it the placements..or anything else..
    ?A person who doesn?t believe in himself cannot believe in anything else?
    Never get disheartened in life...
    And in case you don?t get what you desire..that just means something much better than that is waiting for you..
    Good luck guys...

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