Apps Associates  Placement Paper   Candidates Experiences   -01 Jan 1900

Apps Associates  Placement Paper   Candidates Experiences   -01 Jan 1900

  • Posted by  FreshersWorld 
    7 Jan, 2012


      Friends I am Karthi ATRI, we had Campus Placement last week and it was apps associate who has come for the campus drive.


    It had four sections



    Technical and



    Written had 5 sections, aptitude, reasoning, english, dbms, c programming,

    First 3 sections are very very very easy, anyone who is smart can do it without any prep. guys from ece and eee u will not have dbms, but u will have programming.

    cut off was 30, and every section has individual cut off of 6.

    jus go through meanings of english, i think one who has finished norman louise can do it good, else jus try it.



    Its also a very easy round, they stressed on confidence levels and clarity and nothing much. so guys you can crack it easily.



    This needs bit prep, guys from cse/it this would really be tough for you, brush up all ur concepts of C, DBMS, ORACLE, and ur project.

    guys of other branches jus brush up your C basics, thats a lot enough, they asked 4 C prog

    prime number,

    even numbers,

    pointers based,


       1    2

    1    2     3

    writ a prog to print in above format,


    he asked me on DS sorting algorithms, quick, heap and bubble, i was lucky i know only these 3,

    he also asked me simple puzzels like whats angle between hands of a clock when time is 3:30

    some more simple, u can do them easily,

    Technical went on for 40 min or so for me



    this round is another simple round guys, jus be confident,

    and dont try to bluff, jus say them the truth and also give a proper explanation if ur %are bit low  or flctuating.

    i was asked all these questions

    tell me about yourself,

    what r ur hobbies,

    would work if agreement is increased for 3 years,

    are u passionate in software field,

    y do u want to come to s/w when u have core (i am from ece),

    what do ur friends think about u,

    what does ur faculty tell about u,

    would u change technology if we change in the company,

    tell me something u do in ur past time,

    how do u support ur team if u are to meet dead lines,

    how can u support as a team leader,

    do u have any situatin that u regretted in the past but now u dont


    guys few more, i cannot recollect them.


    it went on for 45 min, i was really tired......


    i was asked to leave after HR, results were announced after 2 working days, i did trough all rounds and i'm finally in. i got selected.:-)

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