Apps Associates  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   SNIST Hyd-19 Feb 2010

Apps Associates  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   SNIST Hyd-19 Feb 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Apps Associates Campus placement held @ SNIST - Feb19th 2010

    65% eligibility
    CSE IT ECE EEE ECM MCA were eligible
    around 140 ppl attended
    45 ppl cleared written
    20 cleared GD
    13+ cleared Tech
    final 8 were selected and i am one among those..

    pay scale: 3.0 lks  - 3.25 lks

    tech questions asked for me:

    2 pannels for Tech round

    • 3*3 matrix multiplication and prime number program was asked to write..
    • asked to write pseudo code for merge sort... after 2 min he asked me to stop writing and  asked to explain logic..
    • few questions on SQL queries . ... easy one...
    • PL/SQL - he asked abt procedures, triggers, functions n diff b/w them here some questions where tricky..
    • normal questions on C and C++ concepts
    • asked abt wikimedia coding and syntax as i wrote in my resume .. i wrote an example for that
    • asked what is flex as i said my final proj UI is flex
    • he asked in details abt all 4 projects which i did..
    • ur profile appears to be high so why have u choosed Apps?.. why couldn't u get thru TCS? (earlier i attended for TCS but couldn't clear wrriten test itself)
    • how will u suit to our requirements?
    • asked some HR question in tech .. but were easy .....
    • he asked me what DB technologies are u comfort with...

    this is what i remember ..entire tech round was abt 40 min..

    HR rounds

    HR was a lady . ..there was only one panel for HR.
    this round was tricky for me as i kept on answering ..

    • tell me abt urself .. very common one .. but she asked showing my resume ..
    • how can u suite ur self to apps?
    • ur close family relative died and u have dead lines in office .. what do u do..
    • ur mother is very ill u got Doctor appointment after trying for long time and at same time u have deadline in office ..what do u do?
    • any proactive and reactive situation in life..
    • asked abt my projects ...
    • i said i have good managerial skills , leadership bhla bhla .. asked example for each..
    • after working for Apps for 2 yrs u got opportunity from another company is offering triple the salary .. what would u do?
    • wher do u want to see 5yrs down the line?
    • u are 2 in team .. u did entire work and credit goes to ur partner( ur partner is close friend to u)
    • asked my hobbies.. my hobbies gave her chance to ask few more questions on tht. .. in supporting to my hobbies i told i wrote a wiki page on Apps in wikipedia .. but content got deleted as i copy pasted content from official site i just pasted it as there was no time to update last nite.... but page is still available in wiki
    • how do u balance personal life ? and work life?
    • u are working in a domain u r excelled in that and what do u do if mgr asks u to work in another domain?
    this is what i remember.. and in Tech round .. he asked one question each for the technologies / langs i mentioned in my resume..

    she asked 3 time continuously that are u interested to join Apps..

    Results were announced after 2 days and i was selected...


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