AppLabs  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Uluberia,West Bengal-2 Jul 2008

AppLabs  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Uluberia,West Bengal-2 Jul 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi friends,I am going to share my interview experience for this company with you so as to help you to qualify as well.
    Venue                        : Calcutta Institute Of Technology ( Uluberia,West Bengal )
    Selection Process:
    1> Aptitude Test ( Technical)
    2> GD
    3> PI ( technical mostly )

    Aptitude Test:
    Mainly conceptual qs.  from  power electronics. The chapters covered are ?
    Opam, SCR, power amplifier, MOSFET, CRO, BJT, transmission Line, Boolean algebra etc.
    Some of the qs. that I could remember are ?
    1.Fly back time is associated with___( CRO)
    2.I/P impedence of Opam is ____( high)
    3.ohmic contact helps to drive____ (MOSFET)
    4.The SWR is associated with _____( transmission line)

    Total candidates appeared : 118      Qualified : 20

    Our topic was  PRESENT INFLATION.
    Shortlisted : 18

    Q: Why do you want to join?
    Q: Will you accept transfer?
    Q: Could you draw the Two transistor analogy of SCR?
    Q: How is Opam used as comparator?
    Q: Why is MOSFET preferred than BJT in power systems?
    Q: Diff between Class A & class B amplifier.
    Q: Why is Push pull arrangement used?
    Q: What will happen if the load of an Half wave rectifier is replaced by capacitor. Draw The wave form.
    Shortlisted: 5

    All you have to do is to boost up electronics to the fullest that is enough.

    The interviewer was very witty and encouraging so don?t get tensed give your 100% n u r through. The result was declared around 12 am and thank God I was one of the selected ones! Best of Luck!

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