APASA: Take Advantage Of The Possibilities

APASA: Take Advantage Of The Possibilities


Lindsay Schroeder, a senior majoring in philosophy, says that as soon as you walk in APASA people are introducing themselves and making you feel welcome. Being at the APASA center helped Lindsay connect with her roots and Asian American culture. The APASA center has been a asset to her as a UA student because it offers a lot of resources - academically and socially. Lindasy advices new students to take full advantage of APASA and the possibilities that it affords you to meet other students and UA faculty. You can relax here, study, and pretty much be at a place that feels like home. Asian Pacific American Student Affairs (APASA) is dedicated to cooperatively developing and maintaining an inclusive environment that fosters a sense of belonging and an appreciation for the diversity not only among Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, but also within the entire University community. http://apasa.web.arizona.edu/

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