AMI  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Not Specified-10 Jun 2007

AMI  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Not Specified-10 Jun 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi friends?. AMI came to my college on 10th July and selected only two members (Including me). Actually their recruitment process is very tough.


    We had the interview for 2 days in first day; they come to my college and conduct only 2 rounds. They conduct remaining rounds in the company on next day itself. AMI is in kumaran nagar near sathyabama deemed university Chennai.



    Actually three sections in first round.

    1. C.
    2. C++.
    3. Logical reasoning.

    In the first section they ask only 10 questions. It?s fully based on pointer concepts and basics in c. Each question carries one mark.
    In the second section also they ask only 10 questions. It?s fully based on oops concepts. Each question carries one mark.
    In the third section they ask 10 questions. Its easy only better study logical reasoning in sakunthala devi book. Each question carries different marks.
    After that they will shortlist.


    The second round is not an elimination round. In this they conduct again written test. In this test we select either Assembly Language Program or Java Programming. Only 30 minutes time we have to attend all questions. They ask only 10 questions in ALP. But in java they ask 20 questions it?s quite tough. Better take ALP it is plus point to yours. I took ALP only. Better go through the previous AMI question papers. I got many questions like this only. For example ?swap two members without using the temporary variables?



    This is technical HR round. In this they check our technical skill fully. Normally it?s for 45 minutes if your performance is good. Otherwise they will ask even for one and half an hour. Better concentrate on C and ALP. Once u knows the ALP it?s a very good chance to got place in AMI. But you have to very good knowledge in both languages. For me they ask only for 40 minutes. Not only technical, they ask some logical reasoning questions also.

    After this round there is a huge elimination. For us we will attend 9 members. But they short listed only 3 members.



    Fourth round is GD. We don?t have GD because only 3 members got cleared the technical. But they said fourth round is GD at time of pre-placement talk.



    Fifth round is personal HR. This is quite easy. They mainly ask about the hobbies and what are all mentioned in the resume. Before going to this interview something know about your hobbies and what are all mentioned in the resume. Surely they will ask about the positive and negative points of your hobbies. Be bold but don?t ask about the BOND. Normally they ask bond for 3 years. If they ask about the bond to you, simply tell I agree for the bond.


    Finally they select only two out 3 members. I got my offered letter within 10 days. They sent the offered letter to college. Sorry for huge delay to post this paper?.






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