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    7 Jan, 2012

    American Megatrends Inc.(AMI) -- the leader in storage and computing innovations worldwide -- creates and manufactures the key hardware and software solutions for the global computer marketplace. AMI provides the highest quality and compatibility necessary to build today's advanced computing systems. Established by S. Shankar, AMI's mission is to design state-of-the-art computer solutions and develop advanced technology for the best computing solutions in the world.

    AMI's extensive product line includes BIOS, diagnostic software, remote access, motherboards, backplanes, driver/firmware development, service processors, storage systems, chassis design and integrated systems. With these product groups, AMI is uniquely positioned to provide all of the fundamental components necessary to offer complete system performance, manageability and availability for today's enterprise computing requirements. AMI is the only company in the industry today offering all of these core technologies.

    Founded in 1985, AMI has been consistent as a leader in the technology industry, including a number of firsts:

    • 1st to build motherboards based on Intel's 386 and 486 processor platforms; 1st to use onboard external cache designs for these boards - significantly improving the boards' performance
    • 1st to build and ship the world's 1st Quad-Xeon processor system: the MegaPlex
    • AMI, a consistent leader in the BIOS market, was 1st to support USB, 1st to create a GUI BIOS interface with mouse support, 1st to integrate diagnostics and 1st to support ACPI
    • AMI's new MegaRAC-G2 service processor card was recently named as a finalist at the 2002 NetWorld+Interop trade show in Las Vegas for its outstanding design and superior performance

    By 1995, AMI had become well-known for its RAID expertise and was named the #1 3rd-party host-based RAID controller manufacturer in the world by GartnerGroup's Dataquest. With AMI's growing reputation as a storage provider in the industry, LSI Logic made AMI an offer to purchase its RAID division. In August 2001, AMI sold its RAID assets, including its MegaRAID line to LSI Logic. This sale has allowed AMI to expand and develop its new StorTrends storage solution line of NAS and JBOD products. With its new product offering, AMI hopes to once again become the leader in the storage market.

    With its ISO 9001:2000 certification, AMI customers receive the highest quality products the first time, every time. AMI recognizes the increased requirements to reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) from notebooks to servers, and provides a line of software and hardware utilities and diagnostics that support this effort. AMI continues to succeed in this highly competitive marketplace by bringing new products to market with its advanced technology and designs and is recognized each year by these efforts with numerous awards and contracts. Headquartered in Atlanta and with offices around the world, AMI offers unmatched service and support.

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