Amdocs  Placement Paper   Technical - Java   PUNE-14 Apr 2010

Amdocs  Placement Paper   Technical - Java   PUNE-14 Apr 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Hi Amodocs Written pattern is as below :

    There are two section

    1. Aptitude section: This section consist of 3 sub section analytical reasoning, learning ability and logical reasoning.
    a. analytical reasoning: in this section total 20 question in 20 minutes
    1) If 50 student plays cricket and 30 plays football and 10 plays both find the total number of student in a class.
    2) If  $ means less then, ? means not greater then, * not equal to and % means not not less then
     2.1) find one which implies P$Q*R like question.

    b. logical reasoning
    if + = / and - = * and / = + and * = - then
    1) 2+4/5-7*8 equal to

    c. learning ability  :  one passage is given we have to read the passage and find the answers.

    2. Technical - Java, unix and sql

    1. some question on thread and trace the output of the program

    some question on index and view and query related questions, some on permission and constraints question most of the theoretical questions.


    1. command for comparing two files
    2. cat file1 file2 >> file3 find output.
    3. which command is used to create a sub processes
    4. ls -l ! grep unix > temp.txt what is output.
    5. how to delete 100 lines in vi editor using single command
    6 which key is used to reach to the end of line
    7. if temp.txt contains 100 lines how to print 11th line


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