Amdocs  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Bangalore-28 Aug 2010

Amdocs  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Bangalore-28 Aug 2010

  • Posted by  FreshersWorld 
    7 Jan, 2012

    Hi Friends,


    First of all. I would like to thank placementweek for providing this platform for the people like us and to all my those friends who had posted their experience through this platform.


    I have appeared for the Amdocs written in August 2010 and found their procedure lengthy but easy. Actually paper was taken by meritrac(A aptitude paper taking agency) meritrac had taken 6 papers.

    Those were:

    1. Analytical ability

    2. Attention to detail

    3. Technical Passage

    4. C/C++/JAVA

    5. SQL

    6. Unix


    And Result was declared after the week and I found myself in for interview and start reading the above languages. After gap of 2 week we have the interview at the same place where we had given our written exam and on that very day.


    There was 2 interview:

    1.  Technical interview
    2.   HR interview
    Technical interview:


    Interviewer: Tell me about yourself?

    Me: Said about me
    Interviewer: Asked something about my family?
    Me: Told


    Interviewer: Asked me to draw the table as well as the interfaces of the project on the paper.

    Me: Done


    Interviewer: Asked about application of structure in college?

    Me: Told


    Interviewer: Asked sql intersection and average function?

    Me: Told


    Interviewer: Asked about my favourite subject?

    Me: DBMS


    Interviewer: Asked about normalization And made some table and asked me to find out how these are related?

    Me: Told


    Interviewer: Asked do you have any question?

    Me: Sir what type of the work we have to do  in amdocs?


    Interviewer: Told all for around 10 minutes

    Result came I was in for HR and I was 70% sure about my success in tech interview.

    HR gave us kind of pre placement talk and asked us whether anyone of us have any problem going to abroad?

    Or further plan for studies?

    We said no

    And he told us about our package 3.50 lacks(Marvelous package for fresher). And after this ppt


    There started my Intrview with HR:


    HR: Achievements?

    Me: Told


    HR: What you do in your leisure time?

    Me: Internet surfing


    HR: No it can't be

    Me: Drive my car, he again said no any other go on long drive


    HR: Strength and weakness? How?

    Me: Told


    HR: What you want to do in life, what you hadn?t  done in your life till now?

    Me: Told, want to gain the job


    HR: Asked to submit documents (photocopies of our marksheets from 10 to degree and one passport size photograph)


    Waited for the result for about 12 days and got the mail with joining date and joining place in the same mail(Offer letter from amdocs)


    I had given 17 walkin out of which in 6 I hadn?t cleared written even. But now got the Amdocs and wishes you all best of luck.


    See you in Amdocs


    Well Wisher.

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