Alumnus  Selection Procedure

Alumnus  Selection Procedure

  • Posted by  FreshersWorld 
    7 Jan, 2012

    There are three rounds in Alumnus Software Ltd

     round 1> Aptitude round 25 question one hour in which general question related to networking,c,DS,boolean algebra
    probability and class 10 maths will be asked question papers posted on freshers world could be
    refered for the pattern


      round 2> I n this round there will be two programming question and one hour time .
     question will be based on a given criteria .they will give you the part of the code and the
     scenario or condition and you will have to complete the code according to that scenario
     and supplied code.

      round 3> In this round they will give 10-12 technical topics and you will have to give a
     white board presentation for 10 minutes on any one topic.

    but I am yet to appear for the final round So plz help me,

    what could be the likely topics for this round ?

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