Alan Mulally Of Ford: Leaders Must Serve, With Courage

Alan Mulally Of Ford: Leaders Must Serve, With Courage


Alan Mulally, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Ford Motor Company, discusses the turnaround effort at Ford, which took the automaker from an annual loss of $17 billion in 2006 to its most profitable period in more than a decade. Mulally explains that leadership takes courage, to have a point of view about the future and to pursue it in the face of resistance and doubt, in service of something great. Related Links: Ford Is Adding Jobs, Expanding Says CEO Alan Mulally: Chapters Introduction: A Leap From Airplanes To Autos The Branding Of Ford: A Worldwide Venture Student Participation: Bailing Out Ford The Ford Vision Past And Present Production And Investment Vs. Demand Student Q & A: Transportation Solutions For The Future Student Q & A: Ford's Survival Sets An Example The Google Car: Who's In Charge? Student Q & A: The Ford Turnaround The New Job: Day One And Beyond There Are No Mistakes: Testifying Before Congress Student Q & A: American Car Manufacturer, A Global Concern? Student Q & A: The Return Of The Ford Worker Student Q & A: The Ford App? Student Q & A: The Right Credit Helps Sell The Car

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