Agile  Company Profile

Agile  Company Profile

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Agile Software Corporation , based in San Jose, California, manufactures product lifecycle management (PLM) software.

    Software Corporation develops and sells an integrated suite of product lifecycle management (PLM) software products, and offers related business consulting and implementation services

    In February, 2005, Agile Software Corporation acquired Cimmetry Systems Corporation, a privately-owned software developer specializing in enterprise visualization, for approximately US$41.5 million in cash.

    Cimmetry Systems AutoVue viewing, markup and collaboration software enables computer users to access many file formats - including 3D CAD (Computer-aided design) parts and assemblies, 2D CAD drawings, PCB/IC layouts and schematics, scanned and raster documents, vector files, office documents and graphics - without having the licensed authoring applications installed locally.

    As of 2010 Cimmetry Systems Corporation is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Agile Software Corporation

    Agile Software Corporation operated as a public company, with shares trading on NASDAQ. On 15 May 2007, Oracle Corporation announced that it would acquire Agile Software Corporation through a cash merger for US$8.10 per share, or approximately US$495 million. On July 16, 2007, Oracle Corporationcompleted the acquisition of Agile, which became a wholly-owned subsidiary.


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