Aditi  Company Profile

Aditi  Company Profile

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Since 1994, Aditi  has   been  providing  advanced  project  consulting , application  development , and  web -based solutions to companies around the globe. Aditi guarantees results by hiring only the best engineering and product management talent, and training them on  advanced  technologies. From designing the first APIs  for IE 3.0 to implementing one of  the first real -world DNA applications. Headquartered  in  Bangalore, India, with  a  branch office in  Kirkland, Washington, Aditi is a technology solutions provider to companies such  as Costco, Starbucks, GPC, Space labs Medical, Real Networks, and Microsoft.

    Aditi  is  an  international  software  services firm   providing e -business and  custom  technology solutions  to  global enterprises. Combining  proven expertise in  technology, and an understanding of emerging  business domains, Aditi delivers a range   of  services  that  includes e -Commerce solutionsEnterprise  Application  Integration, CRM  integration and Custom Application Development.

    Aditi unveils  the Action Item Manager tool  for Exchange  2000. Action  Item  Manager  is  a  web  based  tool  for managing tasks and action items that  are generated  during meetings, visits, trip reports, and conferences, to name a  few. The application was developed using Microsoft Exchange and the Web Storage System and will be available to customers.Aditi?s new Action Item  Manager   tool  (AIM) simplifies  the creation and management of  action  items of a type that are generally neglected. Typically, this kind of  action item is tracked using a patchwork of various applications such as Microsoft  Outlook, Word, and Excel. With  AIM,  the  process  is  dramatically  streamlined. AIM  utilizes  the  Microsoft  Exchange 2000 Web Storage System, Windows 2000 Active Directory, AutoDL, and Office10 to automate the process of action-item submission and collaboration via the user?s email and browser, with an interface closely resembling Outlook.

    Aditi has a very strong in-house Talent Development Center based in India. Aditi value the development of each employee and impart world-class training that focuses on technical skills as well as interpersonal skills. Talent Development holds training programs that include extended sessions on leadership, recruitment, performance management, and team building exercises..


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