Accenture  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Pondicherry University-24 Mar 2007

Accenture  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Pondicherry University-24 Mar 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi friends, I am vivek doing MCA 4thsem from Pondicherry University, Pondicherry, belongs to PATNA , Bihar. First I would to like to thank this site and all those who share their experiences?

    In my university Accenture came at 24 march total 700 student (university + affiliated college) appeared, total 107 cleared written then 47 cleared from GD then 21 cleared from HR interview and finally after technical interview 18 are selected.

    I got selected in Accenture . So main round is GD so practice well for GD.

    In Written test there is 4 section :

    First section: English:--
    Preposition 4 questions
    Article 3 questions
    Synonyms 3 questions
    2 comprehensions 5 question each ,both are related to computer one comprehension related to database and another related to embedded system. Each comprehension 5 question. it is easy.

    Total time 20 min and total number of questions are 20. Easy u can do it do practice in Grammar Article, preposition, tense?

    Second Section: ---
    In this section 15 questions and the time is 15 mins...
    5 question for van diagram like ( 5 person plays cricket,4 plays football total person is 15 then how many plays only cricket like that better u solve the arithmetic reasoning chapter no. 14 R.S Agrawal in this chapter only u solve the van diagram problem.)
    5 question for binary coded (refer the M.K.Panday analytical book and solve the coded binary numbers.)
    5 questions for Data sufficiency (Maximum problem maths based so better u magup the all masuration formulas and u also clear basic concepts of geometry.) this one is little bit tricky.

    3rd section: ---
    In this section 20 questions and the time is 20 mins...
    1 question for blood relation very easy refers the R.S.agrwal.
    1 question for date problem (like 13 dec 1999 was Sunday then what?s the day of 3rd of jan 2000) refer R.S.Agrawal book. Calendar chapter
    One puzzle basis of this puzzle 5 questions r there. Better solve the R.S.Agrwal puzzle chapter.
    3 questions they gave the 3 numbers and ask 2 numbers r similar or all 3 r similar or all 3 r different (4567832 4568290 4567832 like that they gave 3 numbers and ask here 1 and 3 are similar)
    3 questions for arithmetic (Like Time and work, Percentage, Time and Distance etc ?) 

    4th section: ---
    In this section they gave one essay and gave the 10 min 4 this. My topic is "Should water be the natural resource ". All r very easy question but cutoff was high in my college cutoff was 30 out of 55.Better u concentrate on time management.

    GD topics: ---

  • Who is the better actor rajnikant or Kamal hasan.
  • Celebrity should be brand ambesder or not.
  • Who is the better anchor for KBC shahrukh or amithabh.
  • This is the main rejection round so be serious in this round according to my view in this round only they judge your communication skill.
    Then HR interview :--

  • Introduce your self.
  • If year gap then the ask the reason for gap year.(Prepare well defiantly they ask).
  • Tell some thing about accenture. ( Prepare well about accenture very very important)
  • What is your strength, weakness with example.
  • why I hire u.
  • why u want to join accenture.
  • Ask me to tell some thing about IT industry. So prepare.
  • They ask about the cricket world cup.So prepare well.
  • They give the stress but be confidence that time?
  • Prepare about your university. And for your native place..
  • any question u want to ask me..
  • Mainly they are checking Communication Skill so be confident, cool and reply every question calmly and truly as I have 3-4 year gap they keep on asking why ? so u should be able to handle these question.

    Technical interview:
    This round is little bit easy. They ask for your area of interest.
    Like (What is polymorphism, Virtual function write code for virtual function. Write nested query. What is DML, DDL, DCL etc?,how u can add one column in a table, write a loop for infinite, )

    Only basic idea of ur Area of Interest they will ask u in which chapter u r comfortable so do well ur resume.
    All the best.

    See u in Accenture ?

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