Accenture  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   NIT, Durgapur-12 Jul 2006

Accenture  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   NIT, Durgapur-12 Jul 2006

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Hi Friends,

                My self is Suraj Tamang (MCA, NIT Durgapur ) & I got in ACCENTURE through campus placement process.

    ACCENTURE visited our college on 12th-13th july 2006.


    As you know ACCENTURE hire MERIT TRACK for their recruitment process the written test was quite a easy one. 55 question to be answer in 1 hour time.

    The recruitment process (four round) is quite a long. It goes as follows:--


    I.          Written Test      1 Hrs

    II.          GD                   15 Mins.

    III.         Technical          20-30 Mins.

    IV.        HR                    10 Mins.


    Total students appear for Written =190  

    For GD =116

    For Technical=79

    For HR=50


    Final Selection = 33 of which six from MCA.




    Written Test Consist of 55 question to be answer in 1 Hrs. & a short ESSAY on a given topic.


    Written Test consist of Three Section:

                1)         Verbal               20 Questions

                2)         Aptitude            20 Questions

                3)         Analytical          15 Questions




    It consist of question like

    fill in the blanks using given words,

    fill in the blanks using given ARTICLE,

    2-3 question from synonyms


    Two passage were given one on SQL language & another on DBMS.

    5 - Question from each passage.

    Its quite a easy one.




    3 - question like  There are 2000 member on a club,  800  likes swimming, 1300 like golf,  500 like swimming & golf then how many like onlu swimming, golf?


    3 question on set theory like there are 50 people,  20 like jukebox+game, 10 like game+book , 35 like book+jukebox.  Than how many like only book, jukebox.


    question on percentage like "if A got 20% marks and failed by 10 marks & B got 42% and passed by 1 marks, then what is the pass %, maximum marks."


    if Ram's rank is 14th, total student 46, what will be his rank backward.






    easy one 5 - question on decision making

    3 - question on selecting the look alike


    125.23622         125.23522         125.23522         125.25322

    568.352             568.352             568.532             568.352


    question on coding on binay form "If * represent 0 & $ represent 1 than what will be the value of "

    6^4 / 6^6 / 28




    qusestion like ( + rep -, / rep - ,* rep /, - rep + ) than what will be the value of           15/3+5*2/6

                         ( - rep /, * rep - ,/ rep +, + rep * ) than what will be the value of          23+8-55/2*12

                         ( * rep /, + rep - ,/rep *, - rep + ) than what will be the value of           15*2/5+8-6

                         ( / rep *, * rep /, - rep +, + rep -) than what will be the value of           20*2/5+6-8





    For ESSAY :

    They have given the topic "SHOULD KOLKATA BE MADE IT HUB OF INDIA?"

    This essay is just to check your writing ability.    





    GD Topics were


                a) Should Alcohol be banned or not?

                b) IT is enabler (BOON) or not ? (my topic)

                c) Is Salman Khan's Bail is Justifiable?

                d) Communism & Economy Reform.

                e) CPM's Role in Privatization.

                 f) Foreign TV channels should be banned in INDIA or not?


    There are approx. of 12- 15 members in each group & particularly they check you Communication skills, Leadership Qualities etc.Basic funda is to say as much as you know about the topic but don't bluff to much, it may the resaon for your elimination.





                Tell me about yourself ?

                What is a ROM, what is contains ?

                What SDLC model ?

                What is advantage of using pointer?

                What is Virtual functios?

                What are the diffeernt management techniques?

                What are the difference between Structure & Class?

                What is OSI & TCP/IP layers, differentiate them?

                What is indexing?

                What is Normalisation? 1NF, 2NF, 3NF?

                What is virtual pointer?

    Have you done any project so far? (Please mention project only in you have done it properly)








                Tell me about yourself?

                Why would like to join ACCENTURE?

                How can you help us?

                Relocation for you is possible or not?

                You are from (Physics/math/Chem) background then why did you join MCA?

                Do you have any gap in your studies if yes state reason?



    That's all, just be confident and stick to basic concept of subjects you studies. Best of Luck to all future ACCENTURIAN & .............................

    ............... Just go on Be a Tiger.

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