Accenture  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   MITM - Indore-27 Apr 2007

Accenture  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   MITM - Indore-27 Apr 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012



    hey people
    accenture conducted its placement session at  " MITM- INDORE " on d 27th of april 2007. i m frm MITM,itself nd here to give u my entire experience. i ws selected out of d 900 ppl who gave it nd 54 wr recruited overall.

    round 1:non technical written(55 ques 60 mins) thr is no point tellin u d questions bcz it ws conducted by Merittrac private placement consultancy bt basically dis is hw it ws..

    a) Aptitude: damn easy .. hd abt 20 ques .. very easy is d word .. keep d speed .. leave d ques d moment u feel u wnt b able to do it .. jst attempt wt u knw nd b confident

    b) English: Again very simple .. 2 passages .. 1 ws on DLM .. dis ws a bit tough to comprehend,since u've to think thoroughly over it.. d 2nd one ws on Indian Heritage & History, ques over Articles, prepositions & sentence correction .. very easy.

    c) reasoning: simple ques of + replaced wid /, - wid * then compute d value of say 2+3-7=2/3*7 .. bt remember dt thr were these 3 ques whr u were suppose to find d correct option out of 4 2+5*6 etc .. dnt attempt it .. it will b a waste of time .. jst choose 1 option nd tick it blankly .

    Logical passages of "Selection in a team" based questions. Very Easy, provided u read it completely, & comprehend each clause. Dont Panic, maintain ur calm.................make sure u hv speed+accuracy .. d cutoff ws abt 40 correct attempts .. dnt go haywire ticking  d same option in a line .. it wnt help

    After d test, v've 2 write an Essay On "Challenges faced by IT industries in India", alloted time ws 5 min. & v've gotta write atleast 100 words, so go prepared.

    I am very thankfull to this portal and all those students who have contributed the papers. It helped me immensly.......

    round 2:GD
    my topic ws "Who will win the Cricket World Cup- 2007" .. thr were 10 ppl nd d topic was easy 4 every1, even girls were enthusiastic over it. V had a relatively gud GD,with every1 contributing in his/her own way. "Its not abt wat u speak, its abt How u speak" . So plz try n speak valid points, with some conviction. maintain a smart posture & GD will b a piece of Cake. 7 out of 10 were selected, a gud performance by group bcoz v've planned it 2 not 2 make it a fishmarket, some groups were rejected completely(all 10) bcoz of their fishmarket, i guess.....................

    IMP - Try 2 b friendly with ur group, even b4 ur GD, it'll help immensly.

    round 3:Tech. interview
    dis ws d elimination round so i will tell u my ques.

    since, my stream is "Electrical & Electronics", i was asked abt Power System, generation & distribution of electricity, Machines & their working....i answered them not completely, but with certain conviction & confidence.......... then i ws asked abt microprocessors........this ws a bit easy one, i answered all d ques..............then ws asked abt C & C++,like major differences, encapsulation, polymorphism, inheritance etc.............some how i managed 2 answer some of them..........but i remain confident while answering.


    round 4: HR interview

    this ws absolutely unconventional, like no ques. abt Describe urself, weakness,strenghts etc...No such Crap........there were only situational ques. & ques. abt my Past experiences of school & collge life, abt group assignments i've done & major conflicts aroused in them....How u solved them, asked abt my family,my Industrial Training, my values & principles in Life, my girlfriend, my views over future & growth of our country....How will u contribute in development of country & other stuffs like dat...... i've answered most of them.....though he(interviewer) tried 2 put me in alot of pressure, but i remained Cool, Calm & Composed. In between he offered me Soft Drinks & some snacks........ dont know whether 2 check my eating habbits or wat................

    But overall it was gud, in d end he told me whether i've any questions 4 him......i asked couple of questions, related 2 my interview,which impressed plz ask some valid ques.its ur last turn 2 hit d ball out of Park, so dont miss it

    Around 7pm , 28th april , d results were announced & my name ws there...... trust me,it ws an awesome moment. After a tiring & exhausting recruitement procedure of 2 days, it ws like icing on d cake. finally i've delievered, High Performance...................


    So if u want 2 b in Accenture, go well prepared & u'll surely suceed,

    All d very best 4 ur Future...........May God bless u all.


    With Regards


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