Accenture  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Jaipur Engg College & Research Centre(JECRC)-12 May 2007

Accenture  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Jaipur Engg College & Research Centre(JECRC)-12 May 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    hey frenzzzz..........
    let me tell u about the whole procedure & hurdles u gotto overcome to get thru all the rounds & get recruited in ACCENTURE.........!!!

    Although i didnot go thru any of the previous papers but later as i saw they were just true i suggest jst take an overview of what the pattern is even though it was very easy!!

    SO, beginning with the recruitment drive of ACCENTURE........first was:
    I. WRITTEN APTITUDE TEST:   This had been divided into 3 sections:
    i.Verbal Ability- comprising of fill up blanks with appropriate words, prepositions, conjunctions..........
    -2 passages:  non-technical  &  technical .

    ii.Quantitative & LR:- ques based on Venn diagram
    Data Sufficiency

    iii.Accuracy check : There was hardly anything u had to put brain into...................just has 2 b donewith concentration n carefully!!

    This test was followed by an essay writting in 5 minutes on topic- "MY LAST 3 YEARS OF COLLEGE LIFE".  Just keep ur fingers crossed as they wont take more than 15-20 minutes 2 declare the results. Though it was an easy round but elimination for many..............only 156 cleared out of more than 1500-1800 students. 

    It was on next day that we were suppose to report at 11;30 a.m & the drive had to continue with PPT (Pre Placement Talk)
    but didnot kickstart as per the schedule!!!

    II.GROUP DISCUSSION: We were divided into 13 groups of 12 students each.It was a very properly & well-conducted round-table G.D.
    Topic: " STING OPERATIONS- FOR\AGAINST" other topics given to group were: "India as a superpower". "Booming IT sector in India."

    People  at once  tried speaking up all together making it a fish market................but we were stopped n ever1 was given chance 2 speak..........its better not 2 speak until ur not clear & comfortable with the topic n better listen 4 a while n then start speaking...............n if very comfortable just give it a bashful start & clinge 2 students olready done away with!!!!!

    I spoke just 3-4 lines explaining what it is?????do not just start abruptly being in favour & against..........
    RESULTS being declared as we came out of the room.

    III.HR ROUND: Interviewer read my essay n cleared her queries wth explanation. Asked lot about company..........

    •  when established in india?-       1987 mumbai
    •  where ol over india r its offices?  delhi ,mumbai, b'lore, chennai, pune, hyderabad.
    • company turnover?             US$16.65 billion
    • no.of employees world?     1,49,000
    • in how many countries it is spread?? 49
    • worked as team leader/player?
    • 2 qualities of a good team player?
    • wot r diodes????(donno was it hr or tech??)
    • y do we use it?y not somthing else?
    • wots the direction of current?
    • y is it so small in size?

    After this much of the students were eliminated. 

    IV.TECHNICAL INTERVIEW: He was a real kool,polite n a graceful person.

    • Tell about urslf?
    • wot ol languages u knw?.............. asked frm C++
    • wot is inheritance?
    • how is it similar to copy function?(answered but not
    • wot r linked lists??
    •  he asked if i didnot know much how wud i manage with s/w company..................i told them giving my full endeavour durin training & wotever is not taught 2 b done on my own,

    However we had 2 wait 4 quite somtime 4 d final results!!  Holding our breath we had to listen to PPT OF 15-20 minutes n olso enjoyed the rapid fire questioning round at last!!  finally  30-35 names were annonced n ...................huh................i made it!!!!!!!!

    Signed up the OFFER LETTERS n thanked GOD!!


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