Accenture  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Hyderabad-12 Apr 2008

Accenture  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Hyderabad-12 Apr 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi EveryOne?. Iam vijay?Firstly I wanna give my sincere thanks to Freshers World which helped me in guiding the way 2 success. I had my selection procedure on Apr 12 & 13,2008 which was held at Bhoj Reddy Engg. College, Hyderabad. I would like to share my interview experience with u ppl so that it may be helpful to u in one or other way?.
    Around 4000 odd attended the test and 600 cleared the written, then followed by GD n 250 cleared the GD. Out of 250 odd 100 got through Technical Intrvw and the final figure is 58?I am being proud to be one among them. see the solid competition. Nearly 70:1 is the ratio?..

    Written Test:
    Total  55 Q?s with in 60 mins?
    It consists of 3 sections Verbal, Reasoning & Aptitude which was conducted by MeritTrac
    Verbal consists of 20 Questions

    Q 1-3)  Synonyms simple and Easy? No need of tough preparation
    1.Integrity  :  a) power   b) influence   c) morality   d)
    2. Salient    :  a) important   b) noticeable   like that?
    Q 4-6)  Articles like a, an, the? here they ll give u a sentence with one or two blanks and four options to fill with suitable articles?. This is just basic English no need of hard preparation. Just go through Wren n Martyn.
    Q 7-10)   Fill in the blanks with proper Preposition from the options given
    It has been raining_________ morning to the evening
    A) from   b) between  c) since?.

    Q 11-15) A big passage related to database n 5 questions on that.. My sincere advice is to go through the passages frst and answer the Questions by keyword approach..this will work better in maintaining time.

    Q16-20) A big passage related to Electronic home appliances using advanced technologies n 5 questions on that?

    Aptitude consists of 15 Questions
    Aptitude is so easy.. u can answer easily just with ur presence of mind.
    Questions like
    Time and distance Question and this was given in the form of Data sufficiency.
    Simple probability like there were 66 times shook the hand with out repetition n we have to find hw many total persons
    a)10   b)11  c)12   d) none
    Based on venn Diagrams nearly 5-6 Questions its so easy
    4-5 Questions on Data Sufficiency

    It consists of 20 Questions
    Q35-40)  Questions like
    If / represents+,   * represents -,  + represents *, - represents /?then find 34/5+8-6 like that
    Q41-45)  Questions like if * represents 0 and $ represents1 and it keeps doubling for its change of one position then find the value of
    41) (25+56)/2
    42) lcm of $**$ , **$$ , $$*$ like that (Q?s are in that model don?t consider those values)
    few more Q?s on such
    One puzzle n questions based on that
    This is so easy section every one can answer this easily
    a) 1&2 are like.
    b) 2&3 are like.
    c) 1&3 are like.
    d) Three are alike.
    Q 52)   1?PQCYCZX  2..PQCYCXZ  3?PQCYCZX
    Q 53) 1? 21115264     2?21152164     3..21152164

    After the written test they have given us 5 mins to write an essay on college life?so write it clearly n neatly?that essay also carries marks.
    Sorry friends i am not able to remember all questions so do forgive me?
    My result was out in an hour
    Some one said that around 35 was the cutoff? 600/4000 cleared the written test?.

    Those who cleared the written were called 4 GDs it was 7 PM for me
    Around 13-15 were made to sit in a semi circle arrangement n the moderator was given us a minute time to make out some points on the topic.. My topic was POLITICS IN INDIA BETWEEN REGIONAL AND NATIONAL PARTIES
    And given us 10 mins time to speak on the topic. They'll announce the result on the spot?.
    In my batch 13 were there and 5 got through the GD n  they asked us to fill the HR form n asked us to leave that?s all for that day

    On 13 Apr we had Technical Interview .They mainly concentrate on your resume.. so be clear with your resume.
    I am from Mechanical Stream. A guy from Accenture Bangalore has taken my Interview. He was so cool n a routine question no need to tell?Tell about your profile?
    N then Straight away to subject.. he asked me Questions on Strings, pointers, JDBC files, Data Bases,
    hw you'll connect to database from C?
    Hw you'll connect data base in java?
    Such questions?

    Guys be thorough with your academic project.. Be strong in it. Friends no need to worry.. they'll just see your basics?Electronics guys be thorough with your core subjects..
    I was asked to stay outside for the result.. n a HR guy came outside n said u got through the tech? I was so happy n the only one small hurdle is in front of me to jump?

    After my technical interview I had to wait 4 an hour for final round around 4 PM?n finally got a chance to face the interview? He was cool n asked me to sit ?
    Questions were?
    1) Tell about your profile?
    Blah Blah Blah??
    2) what is your father?
    Blah Blah ??
    3) R u ready to relocate?
    I am ready to move any part in India?.n even I am ready to move Abroad?
    4) Briefly explain your curriculum project?
    Blah  Blah?..
    5) Why Accenture?
    Say your positives n know about Accenture b4 answering this?
    6) What do you know about Accenture?
    Come on guys be prepared with the profile?
    7) Tell me the terms n conditions that are mentioned in the HR form that u signed Yesterday?
    This was the real HR Question? Friends do remember each n every moment that was going around u in the campus?.
    8) Why u r opting SW as u r being a Mech Engr..?
    Blah Blah?..
    9) What r the major competitors of Accenture in India?
    I said TCS, HCL n Satyam?

    Friends do remember don?t neglect HR round I've seen one guy was rejected from HR
    He asked me to Wait for the result?.
    With in five mins the same guy who declared my tech result declared me final n positive n very happy news?.that U R SELECTED?n congratulated me?.n asked me to collect offer letter n I was about to shed Tears?.

    After 5 hrs long wait? They made us to sit in a hall n  offered us with an official letter.. and this was the happiest day of my life till now?.Finally Enjoyed the day with full of tiredness ?.From that day till now i am not believing that I got through Accenture?.
    Friends I hope this will be helpful to u ? if not please forgive me?.

    N feel free to ask me any questions regarding my interview experience n keep the subject line as ACCENTURE..

    I expect a comment from u friends regarding this paper

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